Monday, February 18, 2008

Gay Africans and Arabs come out online

Aye, aye, fame at last!

Or at least I think it is fame. But then, what is fame? I am famous, because I am famous, eh?

This is the Yahoo article that an anonymous commentor was directing to. Reuters and Yahoo. Fame indeed.

Choice quotes, from yours truly...

"Oh yes, I do love the Internet, and I guess it is a tool that has made us gay Ugandans and Africans get out of our villages and realize that the parish priest's homophobia is not universal opinion. Surprise, surprise!"

Beautiful day, enjoy the week!



Anonymous said...

I fine that the ones in the church who are leaders are the ones that have something to hide!!

I really do believe that God has more of a problem with the straights of this world than the Gays and Lesbians.


Afriboy said...
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Afriboy said...

Your fame is there with Afriboy.

Kitara said...


Have you ever come across this. I found highly amusing. God bless their poor sordid souls!

Anonymous said...

you believe that you are gay and you were born gay. I believe that we were all created in God's image and in his word, he first created man then he created a woman to keep the man company and produce and fill the world, he did not create another man so that two men or two women could be together. get my drift

another thing is if you are gay and feel its so right, why do you cover your faces in public like when you appear on tv, if its so right, show your faces!!!

you need prayers and divine intervention coz you are so wrong.

ps: no offence intended and no need to get angry and defensive

Ron Hudson said...

As an out HIV+ gay male, I applaud you from North Carolina, USA. That last cowardly comment is typical of homophobic people. He accuses you of covering your face in public and then does worse by condemning you without leaving his name or contact information so that no one can reach out to educate him. I assume it is a male who left the comment as those who are most often threatened by homosexuality are fighting their own issues of self-acceptance. "No offense intended and no need to get angry and defensive", indeed.

I offer you my encouragement to continue fighting for your human rights, for your dignity and for your right to love yourself for who you are, not for being something untrue to your heart. If God created the Universe, then he created all of us, not just the homophobic in our society.

gayuganda said...

Hi Anon 1, my logic suggests so, but when I say so, people point out that I am an unbeliever!

Afriboy, yeah, did notice!

Kitara, you know, I have heard of that site for a long time. Sincerely, I have never checked it out because it seems designed to repel the likes of me. Their poor sordid souls indeed!

Hi Anon 2
You are very funny. You do not need to hide. And thanks for showing me your god's love.
I guess Ron has given you a good reply to your 'comments'. And by the way, they are appreciated, inspite of the condescending note!

You are very welcome. Dont worry about those 'friends' of ours whose god seems to love us to death.

To all, you are welcome and thanks for your comments!


Anonymous said...

Please be safe. Couldn't bear it if something happened!

Seeking you out is just a way to find out who you are so you can be persecuted.


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