Sunday, February 17, 2008

I live in a Garden

I live in a garden;

a wonderful, beautiful garden city;

the beautiful-

I live in a jungle,

a wild green florid jungle

with trees green and leaves large

grass underneath, lush, green, dewy;

I live in an orchard-

avocado, mango, pawpaw, pear,

trees waving around me,

birds in the guava behind,

I live, a king in a palace-

the Beautiful;

jungle garden city,

lush with leaves, green and dew

everywhere a tree, reminder of

green jungle past

that the concrete jungle of man

barely keeps in check;

I live in a garden

the valleys, hills, blue skies, waving trees

grassy soils and dusty roads

of Kampala the Beautiful.

©GayUganda 12 Feb 2008


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Anonymous said...

Copy and paste the above link into your browser; it's about you...

gayuganda said...

Yeah, seen it.

The links to the Yahoo and Reuters stories are on the next post


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