Friday, August 22, 2008

At First Sight.

a handshake, like the clasp of our hearts;

eyes riveted, glued on one the other,

drowning in that first instant,

in the black brown pools we saw reflected

in one the other’s stunned face.

In that moment, millisecond drawn out-

nothing existed outside ourselves.

Nothing. We were deaf, dumb, non-feeling;

only alive, stunned, physically-

by the mystery of the mental handshake taking place.

Later, many hours later, on waking-

(will I ever be sure what happened in between

was nothing more than a stupendous living dream?);

much, much later, I acknowledged to myself-

the proverbial bolt of lightning had struck;

I had fallen in love, found my soul mate-

and he had found me.

©GayUganda Paul 22 Aug. 08


Princess said...

I love the word play with:
'in one the other's'
Beautiful take, bro! And this poem had better have been inspired by my brother-in-law or else!!! :P

*Hi! How you been?

gayuganda said...

I have been angry, and angered, and....

where the hell have you been. Why hide behind the non working cam?

Oh, well. Sis tells me you were spoilt before you went, so I will not blame it on the Americans. Though I feel tempted to.

The inspiration? Actually, I was in a taxi going to work, and I started scribbling it.

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