Sunday, August 17, 2008

Its so Easy

Its so easy,

a gay life to lead-

sans the challenges of love;

where all to question can be called,

and the lover and love, a mere human mutates;

all so easy, too easy,

the brief flutter of sex and lust to confuse

and lonely, loveless remain;


a coward’s way out, too tough not to take:

too easily taken the coward’s way out;

the brave-heart’s craggy road

fraught with danger, loose with failure

yet which man dares not

the heavenly nectar of love to taste?

Which being’s so sated with lust and leisure

love’s beautiful flame to scorn?

It’s all so easy, all too easy

to travel the road less travelled

in lust, pleasure, need-

yet we all will, at the drop of a hat

choose the craggier, harder,

tougher road of love:

for, beautiful as life is, yet

love’s the icing on life’s cake.

© GayUganda 17 August 2008

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