Monday, August 25, 2008

A Gay Big Brother...

Just been having a laugh. Big brother Africa 3 started yesterday.

The red rug took upon it's self to put in a few pointed jabs at the Ugandan contender. The accusation? He looks gay. Or are they just saying he is gay????? Poor guy.

Our super alert snoops have identified Uganda's representative in the Big Brother Africa 3 and he's city model Morris Mugisha. Well may be it's just a rumor.

Apparently, Morris flew out to South Africa yesterday at exactly 6am aboard South Africa Airways for the spectacular reality TV show which kicks off this Sunday.

However, what our snoops fear and what the whole nation should fear for is, he looks so artificial, not down to earth; simply put, he looks quite gay.

"It's too bad we have to pray from day one to the last day. Morris doesn't look like someone who can play the game quite well. He could fall way too soon," a concerned snoop said.

Apparently, Morris beat one Mugabe Kaijuka, the owner of the Garage fashion house for the hotly sought after BBA3 position. Morris Mugisha has graced Warid Telecom adverts, Zenji Magazine ads.

He is even the guy who replaced Zein Bekenya in Ziper Models. As expected, Multichoice has been keeping their choice under tabs."Morris is definitely not confirmed by Multichoice but everything shows h e is the guy," a snoop said.


Anonymous said...

He has a daughter!

walt said...

yes he has a daughter true dat! but honestly this dude is just way too hott! u been to shutter speed wen his takin pics of u? yumm.. u just want to get into his pants!

Anonymous said...

He is hot! As is the South African and the Nigerian.

I don't watch reality tv and think BB is crap tv ..but methinks I'll be making some time for this season. Eye Candy galore.

BTW today the Zambian guy made a disturbing comment about the Ugandan contestant. He said he's weird because he's feminine....hmmm...should be an interesting watch.

Anonymous said...

Edit: It was the Zimbabwean guy expressing discomfort about Mr. Uganda.

spiralx said...

The only people to come out of Zimbabwe these days are criminals escaping justice, or economic refugees escaping injustice.

No surprise that Mr Zim-garbage has a problem with stereotyping gender. Notta lotta education going on in Zim right now (unless you're a wannabe Mafia thug).

Anonymous said...

spiralx could not be more wrong. In observing others prejudices he betrays his own racism.

David G. said...

Actually, ... I see early democratic sexual awareness here . . . Same thing that happened in the U.S. 20 yrs ago.

Slow but happening ...

Unlike other African Nations.

Anonymous said...

morris aint gay never!! been to school wiv em a mixed boarding school and uni he has always looked after himself in terms of smartness making him a hot cake wiv the gals and def most sought after bloke in school.cummon haters aint nuttin wrong with being smart diddy style.........gatta look after dem bodies we living in a new era
lups a.k.a dj kasku uk

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