Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Mosque

A city on hills, in valleys;

solid, in the middle, in the dark and greens of foliage-

the cream and bronze of the New Mosque;

huge, squat, prominent, on Old Kampala hilltop,

in the clear morning air, bathed in the gold of early morning sun.

From Namirembe hill.

The Mosque framed. From Namirembe Hill

Ugly view, prettied up. Pic from Equatorial Hotel in the middle of the city.

Closer, from Equatorial

Close up, from next to Old Kampala Secondary School.

(c)GayUganda 27 Aug, 08


David G. said...

I love you're pictures, they are beautiful.

Thank you for publishing them.

Leonard said...

Lovely morning...makes me want to come for a visit...simple, lovely yet elegant, The Mosque.

Unknown said...

you are the one! you are the one guy who has done what i failed to do.
to portray the mosque in its magnificence and coz of that i will add my photos to yours so you can truly be the master of the mosque.

gayuganda said...


glad that you liked them.

Truthfully, I have hesistated to put those up because, well, they do not truly capture the essence of the Mosque.


Forgive me, but that edifice in the middle of Kampala always draws my eyes. And I have failed to get a photo of it that captures its squat magnificence. For years it used to be an ugly edifice on the skyline of Kampala. But now, there is something in it that draws my eyes. Everyday.

Spartakuss, you are welcome

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. I particularly like the view from Namirembe Hill. Brings back good memories of Kampala

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