Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Allies

Seventh Day Adventish Church in Uganda Joins Fight Against Homosexuality

August 19, 2008

The seventh day Adventist church in Uganda has joined church of Uganda to denounce homosexuality.

Addressing journalists at Bugema university at the Kampala campus on Tuesday, a senior Adventist church official who is also the vice chancellor of Bugema University, Professor Patrick Tuma said that the church does not believe in homosexuality and it is totally against it.

He said that they don't even discuss it since it is against the church's doctrines.

He said that in their church they don't have homosexuals as members or leaders.

The church of Uganda leaders recently boycotted Lambeth conference in London over the consecration of gay bishops


Leonard said...

He said that in their church they don't have homosexuals as members or leaders."

Good grief, how would he know if "they don't even discuss it?"

gayuganda said...

ha ha ha!

Because they dont ask, no one tells!

So, we dont exist. In Uganda they were very unhappy when we came out and said we existed.

Anonymous said...

You know, if this stuff keeps up, Christianity in Uganda is going to get a bad name for itself. :-)

I wonder if there is even one single church I would care to attend if I were in Uganda? It doesn't sound like it!

gayuganda said...

ha Bolton,

If I comment on that, it will be a cheeky one!!!!!

But they are doing themselves few favours, huh!

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