Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is August in England

Clear air, clean air

but not the skies;

those are grey, cloud laden, woollen grey

with a wind whipping the trees,

streaking the clouds, raking tree leaves.

England the beautiful,

for a scanty few hours I’ve stayed-

the opulence of the Hilton;

and all on my mind was

the warmth that pair of arms, a hug;

that for a few more hours I’d miss-

home, the beauty of home.

Soon the sun will hide,

maybe rain- (is August in England)

is that summer or autumn?

Cheerful me- I know too little, suspect more;

but with leaves green on the trees

and skies dry for the moment

with not the world famed drip drip of rain,

my guess is its still summer;

a summer over England,

a dry (for now), wind whipped, grey cloud day

so different from home, sweet home,

and the brown pair of arms

the hug to hold me, and cuddle of love.

Beautiful. England the beautiful,

a ladybird on my pants;

and I have a plane to catch

and fly on home.


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Anonymous said...

Ah England...home of my forefathers....but it bloody rains all the time! No wonder they fled to sunny Africa.

Hope you're enjoying being home. I'm sure your partner's thrilled to bits!

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