Friday, August 8, 2008

Paedophile, Senior Homosexual? Any other names?

Rev Fred Mwesigwa wrote in The New vision on 28th - July 2008 that: -

..........The greatest lesson for the world from the Pope's apology is that homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Church, as is the case perhaps in other churches and institutions, seems to have started with a few paedophiles in very powerful and influential positions, be it religious, educational, civil or public.

The vulnerable groups like the youth, school children, orphans, young prisoners and other groups have provided a fertile ground for introducing, propagating and establishing homosexuality as an acceptable life-style.

The current outcry against homosexuality in Uganda's secondary schools is mainly a result of sexual bullying by male 'adults' in higher classes, many of who were introduced to the practice by 'senior citizens,' now enjoying privileged positions in society and some even married.

The case of pastor Grace Kitaka versus his adopted son Lukyamuzi reported by a local media house on July 30, 2007, should have been a test case of paedophiles who abuse vulnerable youth but it is yet to see the legal light of day.

In western countries like England where the problem of sexual abuse is acknowledged, a male adult, even a priest in the Anglican Church of England, for example, is not allowed to be in the company of a young boy even in a church building including its precincts.

As Uganda is about to adopt an open policy to foreigners whilst hurdles continue to be upped for Ugandan citizens seeking visas to foreign countries, there is need to be vigilante about people coming into our country, some of whom might be promoters of homosexuality, yet it is against the laws, religious ethos and cultural heritage.
I do not suggest barring people from coming into Uganda but I am calling for vigilance, especially on the vulnerable groups so that a foreigner or Ugandan who wants to start a school, Church or orphanage is investigated for a clean record of dealing with young people.

In the meantime, it is time for 'senior homosexuals' in Uganda to repent to the young victims of homosexuality, as the Pope has, on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church and in the event that repentance is not forthcoming, legal redress should be sought by the victims.

The law should allow the identity of victims to be kept secret since the cultural stigma attached to homosexuality is so big that victims may shy away.


Princess said...

Hi bro!
*Do these people hear themselves when they talk?!
What a load of bull! "Be mre vigilante about foreigners."

Princess said...


spiralx said...

Another pile of bat guano from the old fruit-bats of Uganda, it seems!
B*ggering choirboys in the Holy Roman hierarchy comes about when natural impulses are unnaturally restrained, and consequently find unnatural outlets. End of. Letting priests marry and have normal conjugal relationships was one of the best things Luther ever came up with. Gay priests not excepted, either!

As for priests not being allowed near younger male church members in church buildings, where on EARTH did he get that one from??

spiralx said...

On the more decent side, New Vision also carries this pretty decent item about spotting child sex abuse in their Tuesday edition, in the "Children" section.

Like most newspapers, then, they simply splash stuff around, good & bad...?

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