Thursday, August 27, 2009

George Oundo is now Ex-ex-Gay

Good God in Heaven!!!!!
It is not seemly to be happy when an enemy falls, and falls heavily, but you will forgive my unseemly glee.

Remember George Oundo?

The ex-gay man. Ex-gay, and very vocal Ssempa activist. A truly Ssempa activist, shouting, outing, castigating, and telling people how he slept with so and so. Including a famous ‘priest’. He accused us of so many heinous things that… Which good old Ugandans couldn’t help believing. What can a homosexual not be capable of? As a reward to his fervency, he was given a house to stay in. And, wonder of wonders, he has been expelled from the Ex-Gay Uganda group. Problem?

Ah, glee on my part, the problem is that, this guy, who is the face of the Ex-gay movement here, who has gone around telling people that we ‘recruit’ and have a vice, and other nerferious things. Well, he has turned out to be ex-ex-gay. Still wants the lusts of the flesh. In the direction that the good Lord blessed him with.

According to Paul Kagaba, Ex-Gay Uganda Chairman, Oundo was taking boys to be ‘sodomised’ to his house. What I could have told Kagaba, and I have known for a few weeks, is that Oundo has been going around asking kuchus for ‘forgiveness’.

That news was on Capital FM. Just heard it. And, in my glee, had to blog about it.

Time to say ‘I told you so’

First to Ssempa. Well, told you that you were not very bright. Burnt by Sam Mukasa, the Kayanja accuser, and now burnt by your darling George Oundo.

Cant believe what Ssempa is thinking at the moment. I mean, he was on such a roll, that the trough must be a little giddy. He had made Oundo into something huge. Going the rounds, talking, talking, on TV, radio, at anti-homosexual rallies. And all the time the hypocrite was quietly doing what he was publicly abusing.

Good for you Oundo.

In previous posts I warned Ssempa. And I warned others. Oundo was, and is poison. Course he is gay. A queen, through and through. Ugh, you think he will change again? He will change back. Of that I am sure.

And, some more predictions. Mr Paul Kagaba? Ex-Gay Chairman… I am predicting that it is money for him. Money, money, the bucks. Watch and see. I do know him. Why, I saw him at my favorite bar last week, and am more or less sure that he was on cruising. Ha ha ha!

Oh, my nose. Have to blow it. Heavily.

Gathered more info. The usual kuchu circles… Apparently, George was caught in ‘red handed’. But that would mean that the good Pastor Ssempa should be reporting him to police, doesn’t it? I will keep one ear to the ground…!



AfroGay said...

And not only is Kagaba a money boy; he is also a thief. Like a preying mantis, Kagaba has sex with men and then sneaks out in the wee hours of the morning with their belongings.

As for Oundo ... psst!

Leonard said...

Wow, perhaps he ought appear before the Parliment and give his revised version before more ¨consideration¨ to anti-LGBT laws are passed (Reverend Ssempa ought give a revised standard version too).

I´m fascinated by all of this...these boys seem to keep blowing, so to speak, themselves up and there is nothing much left to believe!

Unknown said...

Apologies for not understanding some of the local words and context.

What are kuchus, and have any stories been published on Ugandan news media websites yet?

Does Oundo admit that he is not ex-gay? Has he been arrested for these latest allegations?

Best wishes.
Mike A.
Truth Wins Out
United States

the antipop said...

gug, you're wicked! :-)

spiralx said...

Mike, "kuchu" is a local Ugandan term for homosexual. One of them, anyway!

The context - long story, read some of gug's earlier blogs. They'll fill you in (so to speak!).

The local media, as gug reported recently, is under the watchful eye of the govt's Media Commission, and are currently refusing to carry any 'positive' news about gay people - SMUG's Press release was refused by all the usual newspapers. The web-sites are also monitored, so don't expect anything vocal and local, though it will come, I'm sure.

Poor George. I feel for him, in a way. He behaved badly, he's not a very bright or moral person, and for putting Ugandan gay people in a dark place he deserves all the contempt and disrespect he gets.

But - would he have behaved differently if gay people were tolerated better in Uganda? If the ruling regime, for their own political purposes, didn't encourage and support unethical behaviour from both the police and these evangelical pastors?

I imagine he would not be as much of an idiot and an outcast as he has now made himself into. (Though maybe he would have found another way - human beings are marvellously resourceful!). So for me it's a failure for Uganda as well as him.

S. said...

I knew from the moment that sissy George Oundo (the international sissy fashion statement = sunglasses on top of forehead) was claiming he was "ex-gay" that he was just being paid to say he was "ex-gay".

When a person like Oundo says he's "ex-gay", giving out the personal information of other gay people and putting their lives in danger, only to come out again as "ex-ex-gay", he deserves nothing more to be ripped to shreds, literally and graphically. By heteros or homos, I don't care.

The quicker that walking talking parasite George Oundo is eliminated forever, the better off gay Ugandans will be. Don't think he won't continue his games, because he'll become "ex-ex-ex-gay" before you know it. Whatever is convenient to save his hide and his hide only - he cares nothing about everyone else's well-being.

Just take his sissy sunglasses and choke him to death with them, and leave his worthless body in the streets as a reminder to any other potential gay con artists.

S. said...

And gug, we've had similar stories here in the USA.

The "ex-gay movement" was quietly around for a couple of decades before they started making news in the early 1990's with ad campaigns and hiring "ex-gay poster boys".

The first was John Paulk, who looked more like Roseanne Barr than he resembled a man. After telling his "miraculous" stories, he was caught hunting for dick in a gay bar, by GLBT author Wayne Besen, who photographed him as he was trying to leave.

The second was Michael Johnston, who starred in a commercial with his elderly mother, talking about how he caught HIV and is now "ex-gay". Not long after that, he was discovered to be hosting all-male orgies with illegal drugs, spreading more HIV to the gay community. How "ex-gay" is that?

The "ex-gays" in the USA and Uganda are really no different: liars, con artists, lunatics, and cares about nobody but themselves.

Anonymous said...

hello all am still on my stand am not gay the way ssempa is telling the publick the truth is that we dont want to work under a person who works under hate and discrimination and also fighting individuals thats what ssempa is doing

i will let you all know what is happeneing

george oundo


ex-gay uganda

gayuganda said...

Hi Georgina,

thanks for the update. I have just posted one of your sms, telling us how not gay you are... Its called Hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...


This is hilarious. Gay trans ex-gay ex-ex-gay bla bla bla!

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