Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hang Them!

Noticed the new rug on Kampala streets?

No. Truly, I don't want to advertise it. What is interesting is that a paper comes out with a frank hate message. There is a group of people. (Yeah, I happen to be one of them...). These people are pariah's in our Ugandan society. So, this brand new tabloid, for its very first issue, has the headlines...' 100 Pictures of Uganda's Top Homos Leak'. They leaked from Facebook profile pics, by the way.
And, a quote, presumably from inside the pages, 'We shall recruit 1,000,000 innocent kids by2012- Homos.' and 'Parents Now face Heart breaks as Homos Raid Schools'

The sentiments are shared inside the rug. And, the candidly expressed opinion, on the front page, and inside over the article, 'Hang Them'

This is Uganda today. We, because we are suspected of being gay, someone finds it his god given moral imperative, to publish a mass circulation paper (or what they hope to be one...), publish photos of us, and declare that they are our photos, and as homos, we should be, HANGED.

Candid, indeed. Candid.

So, we should be hanged. And, a paper in Uganda does publish that kind of thing? Oh yeah. Homos are fair prey. Kill them off. Every one knows that that is a very fair thing to do. Isnt it? After all, we can take it for granted that the allegations of 'massive homo recruitment in schools' are true.

How gullible are Ugandans?

Well, I am afraid we are extremely gullible. Sure, kill off and hang the homosexuals. That will solve all the problems of our young nation. Soon, we shall be celebrating our 47th Independence anniversary. And, why not gift the country with a homo free populace?

Yeah, I promised myself to be less 'bitter'.... But, it is kind of mind blowing. And, I didnt promise not to see as clearly as I should.

Anyway, the finger to the haters. Whether they wear collars or not.

Just saluting the guy who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. The in-vitro fertilisation man. I hear that the Vatican complained bitterly. Me, I applaud the Nobel Committee. They do know no favourites. And, since hate is something that ideologues harbour with the faith of their convictions, I applaud when they are poked in the eye.

Why in-vitro fertilisation? Because I am gay. And, those are some of the innovations in our world which have made our lives that much more human. Not fully in Uganda, as yet. But, for all of us who can gain from them. And, the future is bright. It is ours.



The 27th Comrade said...

But really, you have got to wonder if this whole here-is-the-homo-list shtick does not go out of fashion!

Meanwhile, the Nobel people have their prejudices; you just do not see them, because you agree with them. I have to choose between hating homos and hating homophobes. Homophobephobia is just as real as homophobia, except that the latter—hating homos—is easier to justify than the former (at least for me).

All the same, welcome back, dude!

Gilles said...

Thank you for the update. I've shared around! Take care of yourself! Gilles

Anonymous said...

Hate always comes back to bite you. Don't sink to that depth, rise above it. Be strong and united and get your message out to the world. Too much global intolerance.

Anonymous said...


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