Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This Morning

Hey, a light moment.

Happened today.

He came to kiss me goodbye. I was working on my laptop, internet on, surfing. On the screen was a woman’s naked, succulent breast, prominent.

‘Hey, what are you doing?’

‘Surfing.’ tongue in cheek.

‘Looking at women’s breasts?’

‘I like doing so!’

‘Hmmmmmm! Exploring your other self?’

‘Which other self?’

‘Expanding your sexuality in your old age?’

Gagging sounds from me. He laughed, kissed me and left, highly amused. I looked at the breast and closed the page. I was blushing.

I like the thinking here. Different countries, different places, different... lots of things. But, we are in a struggle that needs wisdom to prosecute. Here, from the daily kos

However, I've repeatedly stated that one of the biggest problems the GLBT community faces is that while we enjoy majority support from the general public for most of our most important goals, much of that support is abstract ("soft") whereas much of our opposition is concrete ("hard"). One form of softness in support is a failure to realize that there really is a problem. Sometimes that can turn around quickly; look at the media coverage that suicides due to homophobic bullying are now getting (I have no reason to believe that there's been a real increase in such suicides, just that they're now starting to show up on the general public's radar. I doubt last September was any better than this September).

There you see...

Have a great eve!


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