Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ssempa's Oats

Nominations in Kampala.

We have presidential elections in 2011, and that means that we have to go through the circus.

Pretend democracy? Sometimes I do think that we are. But, life is kind of like that. Yesterday, the city was flooded by people in the colours of the ruling party. Brilliant yellow. A kind of eye straining bright. Today, that has toned down.

Lover is back home. Am at work... feel like something missing. Oh, woke up too early...! enough said.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Parliament is supposed to be debating a law criminalising being gay and trans. Seems some people did learn from Uganda. They are our neighbours to the west. And, apart from exporting fighers and guns to them, seems our beliefs are also crossing the borders.
Know what, the differences in media, the differences in language, that bill has not got any tranction in the English speaking media. Not as far as I know, anyway.

Funny. I am a private person, in a way. Funny that I have had to learn how to use gifts that I knew not. Doesnt mean that I relish them, but, necessity is a very good motivator.

A Church in the US which supported Ssempa through thick and thin has finally dumped him. Ssempa is toxic. Very toxic.
He is very brilliant as a speaker. He is a charismatic actor. But, he is also a Born again Christian and Pentecostal who believes sincerely that other human beings should be harmed for the simple reason that they are different in sexual orientation.

Maybe it is also good that a fellow Christian has spear headed the fight of outing him for what he is. A lying hypocrite who misrepresents the teachings and ideals that he should uphold. But then, even when I knew he was lying and lying through his teeth, there were many Christians who dared not believe me.... But, it is a matter of fact that the church cleaning itself is something that is laudable.

Ssempa is still what he is. But, am glad that his wings are sort of clipped...! Problem, he is a very good chameleon. I will not be surprised if he re-incarnates. He is that good. Hey, he is Ugandan. I abhor him, but, there is a sort of sneaky pride, even when I am fighting nail and tooth to have him exposed.

So, life goes on.

Its sunny and bright in Kampala today. I know, the afternoon may bring a rain cloud, like happened yesterday. But, today is sun beautiful.

Hope your day is good.


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spiralx said...

It is difficult to know just what is happening in the DRC. A sprawling mass (actually, mess) of a country, with gun-toting factions running rampant outside the capital. Some of them local, many of them from neighbouring countries, like Rwanda (not hunting down Hutu "rebels" so much these days, as maintaining a presence at the expense of local stability), and Zimbabwe (still mining there with its army).

Still, we don't need another rabble-rousing so-called "Christian" encouraging any more hatred and destruction than we already have there. For what it's worth (the DRC government is barely worthy of the name), those who can are trying to reach Kabila and others...

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