Monday, October 25, 2010

Is the Bahati bill dead?

Is the 'Kill the Gays' Bill dead?

Sometimes we are complacent.

According to the procedure of the parliament of Uganda, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 was introduced by the Hon. Bahati about a year ago. Parliament is supposed to have three readings. The Bill had the first reading in parliament. And, it was then referred to 'committee,' which means what, I am not able to say.

But, subsequently, there were two committee hearings. They happened in parliament. One was with the religious leaders, minus the Catholics, who insisted the bill was great (at the time,) but for the death penalty, which they subsequently opposed. They were being virtuous, the Christians. They wanted our poor souls saved on earth by life imprisonment, instead of of summary execution for being gay.

Forgive the bile. It has to come out.

Now, now, officially, the bill did not die. It is still alive. Maybe hibernating.

And, it can be brought back to life.

I was reminded of this by the fact that Bahati and Buturo still hold out hope for it.
Buturo said the anti-gay measure will be addressed and passed "in due course."
"Of course I hope it passes," he said.

And, of course there has been speculation that the 'Hang them' Campaign was an attempt to revive it. No, I would seriously not put dear Ssempa past that. And, the fact that that issue of the 'rolling stone' had so much to quote from my favourite pastor kind of makes me wonder....

It is not dead. This sword is still hanging over our heads, as gay Ugandans.

Now, if that is a lie, I would love Dr. Nsaba-Buturo to correct me. He is more likely to know the facts that I, who is not a legislator in the 8th parliament of Uganda.

Now, the text of the bill, with all the clauses as it was tabled at the first reading is here. If anyone out there still says there are no clauses to kill gays, please....! And, it is not aimed at paedophiles. Gug, [that is me] and my partner would die by hanging, as serial offenders, if that particular bill becomes law today. Of course.

And, the provisions to make our pastors and doctors and parents report us to the 'relevant' authorities still stand. Oh yes, they are there. And, none of the 'denialists' should tell lies about what it is. If that bill ever comes out again, let us not be blind to its provisions. They are clear, and in black and white. Not even Buturo, Ssempa, nor Bahati should be able to squeeze out of the provisions that they stood by.

And, if they lie, by the gods, I will point it out, again, and again.


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