Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Ex-Gay Charades in Uganda

Did you think that story was ended?

Nay. Still ongoing. Because, we are still gay, and Ugandan, living in Uganda. And, people like Ssempa still claim to love us. In the name of Christ, of course.

Last time, was mostly about George Oundo. But, I did comment that Oundo fell out of Ssempa's camp, didn't I?
Do you think Ssempa would stop there? Not really.

You see, Ssempa is a Christian. And, a Christian pastor. So, he should ideally not be caught in a lie. Nor should he be caught in an act that is blatantly wrong, or evil, or bad.... you get the drift.

So, when George Oundo failed Ssempa, [poor Oundo], Ssempa found a new lieutenant. By the names of Paul Kagaba. He is the one to be blamed for any Ssempa lies now.

I must confess that I don't know much about Kagaba. At least, I didn't know as much as I knew about Oundo.
But, I do know enough [evil grin]. And, Kagaba is a character.

First saw him at a party. Yeah, he was with a lady who was later introduced as his sister/wife? Here, I am into speculation. I never thought to get that relationship down. Was not as interested in gossip as I am now.

Anyway, long story short, Kagaba latched onto an expatriate friend of mine. And, like a leech, seemed to be glued thereon for some time. As in weeks, far as I could tell. As these things happen, the relationship didnt mature, or go much further. [shrug, no blame to anyone], though apparently Kagaba did want to move in with the guy, but... shall we say the feelings were not mutual?

True, for a few days, they were a 'couple'. But, I am not going to be condemned for swearing about what was happening there.

Now, when that relationship dissolved, I was surprised to hear that Kagaba had latched onto a workmate of the expatriate friend. Also happened to be white. And, a woman.

My gossipy conclusion? Paul Kagaba was bisexual. No big deal. Happens all the time. And, most of us must be bisexual in behaviour. To blend into the rest of society.

Only issue was, heard from the grapevine that, Paul was trying to move in with the lady, and the lady was 'very surprised'. Here-say, so, don't make much of that!!!

Anyway, Paul goes back to his boda-boda day job. Personally, I thought he was just trying to outsource ready sources of money. But, again, that is purely conjecture.

Now, when the ex-gay movement came about, Paul Kagaba was in the second wave. Interesting. His was not the charisma of George Oundo, but, he seemed to be a very willing substitute when Oundo went missing.

So, back to the talk shows. With Ssempa by his side. Nodding, nodding, nodding, and confirming whatever Ssempa says.
Yeah, his english is not that great. But, he does understand enough. And, he makes up for the rest by being a very, very good yes man. And, a great liar.

As proof of his 'conversion' to heterosexuality, Paul Kagaba sent to our e-boxes a picture of himself and his 2 year old son.
Beautiful boy. But, I laughed. Because it was interesting to note that the boy was older than the purported time of conversion from 'homosexuality'. Yeah, I do have the pic. Clearly, the child was born long before Paul 'converted' from homosexuality.

But, this pic thing has some very interesting problems.

You remember the expatriate (male) friend that Kagaba used to hang out with? At a seminar in late Sept 2010, Paul Kagaba came to support and nod sagely to Ssempa's assertions about gay people. See, Ssempa would say that all the things that he said, Kagaba had confirmed. So, they must be truths. [Did he confirm the 'eat da poo poo' and licking of anuses?] But, I digress.

Anyway, the seminar. Researchers from Makerere. And, they want to hear from Uganda's prominent anti-gay pastor. Who appears with Paul Kagaba in tow.
Now, I wasnt there....!
But, I am reliably informed that Paul Kagaba pulls out a picture of himself with the male expatriate. According to Kagaba, he was 'married' to this friend of his, during his days in homosexuality. And, that picture was a proof of that. That it was taken at the honeymoon.

No. It was not the usual x-rated offering from Pastor 'eat da poo poo'. Just a tame photo of two guys, one white, another black, grinning into a camera, hands over each others shoulders. No rings. No officiating pastor to the wedding. And, I happen to know that it was NOT in South Africa, the only place where they could have gotten their nuptials celebrated on the continent. It was in Uganda, which has a constitutional ban on same sex marriages since 1995.
Maybe the 'proof' was of a white man shamelessly inveigling a black man into a hug? Don't know.

But, that is Paul Kagaba and his ex-gay career.

So, why does he tell the lies?

Curious, curious, but, we would have to ask Paul about that. I know, many other kuchus have some pretty worse opinion of the gentleman that Ssempa has put up as the 'face of ex-gay Uganda'. But, I can only talk about what I have seen.

Yeah, I have heard him asserting that we 'recruit'. He asserted that he was inveigled into homosexuality by one of us, a teacher, when he was a student. He is also the supposed source of accurate information to the red rug, and, more recently, to the 'Rolling Stone'. For some reason that I have not yet known, (have pretty good surmises as to why), Paul Kagaba, under an alias, was offering to be friends to some of us on Facebook. No, I am kidding you not. And, he was a friend to some, till we discovered that it was our profile pics from facebook that ended up in the 'Rolling Stone'.

Paul is very good at some very naked, blunt lies. And, are we believed when we correct them? No way.

Because, Paul always utters those lies with Pastor Dr Ssempa nearby. As his henchman he confirms all the things that Dr Ssempa utters in the purity of his love for the homosexual Ugandan.

Pretty slick, that partnership. But, I am proud to say, Ugandans are slick!!!!!


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