Thursday, October 7, 2010

Safety is Relative

I am feeling good. Quite good... like life is good, you know.

But, I have to spare a thought to safety. You know the pseudo 'Rolling Stone' rug expose of Ugandan gay people, well, happen to have been one of them. The alleged homosexuals. The ones who are supposed to be 'hanged' for planning to recruit 1million Ugandan school children into homosexuality.

Ridiculous? Of course.

On the plus side, the rug is a new one, with small circulation. And, the 'news' is so stupid and a falsification of facts that very few credible adults would put any understanding to it. And, one other plus was that it is in English. Didnt know that I would say that. Means that the people who read it are the ones are more likely to rubbish it.

Unfortunately, Ugandans are very credulous. Most are.

So, my partner comes across a lady after he had picked a copy of the rug. And, the person peruses it, and starts railing at homos for 'recruiting'. Because they are 'targeting' her children. These days my partner is not the kind to keep silent when the subject comes up. He told the lady that her children would have to have made their choices. Left her with obvious questions.

So, they believe the shit. They do.

Sigh, homophobia is always fueled by ignorance. Deep seated ignorance. Its the petrol, the gas behind the flames. And, when there are people like Ssempa who are very willing to fan ignorance with false information, that is the recipe for disaster.

So, am I safe?

Relative. Safety is relative.

We, as in me and my partner, have created a kind of 'safe space'. We know the 'village' knows. And, well, since we are challenging their ignorance with our very being, that may cause some to start thinking.
But, recently, I looked on as one neighbour, a parent refused point blank when I requested to do a small favor for her son. Long story. And, I did ask her permission, and she was like she would rather that her child was in pain than that I do something about it, which would include touching the child. That is the mindset. Gayness is a contagion...!

Would the lady neighbour hang me, as the Rolling stone demands? I don't know. I hope not.

So, am I safe? Are we safe?

We wake in the morning. We go to work, just like everyone else. We suffer the dust, sun, rain and floods, just like everyone else. Hopefully we are enough of human beings to be spared lynching..

Yesterday, had a phone call. One of the people whose photos was in the papers was afraid to get out of home. Transgender, cross dressing, appearance in the papers exposed the sexual identity. And suddenly, home was no longer safe for the person. The neighbourhood was no longer safe for the person. Because they are part of those 'homos' who are bent on recruiting youths.

Jeers, finger pointing, open threats. Enough to make one wonder whether some one may not just set the home on fire.

So, are we safe?

Safety is relative. And, I and my partner are gay in a country where we are considered demon possessed sell-outs. No, I love this little nation state of ours. Wont exchange it for any other. Not voluntarily, and even then, I would make anyone forcing me to pay. I guess we are as safe as we can be.


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No name said...

So glad you're back to blogging! I'm seething with rage and revulsion...especially because I don't see how these people's mindsets are going to change.

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