Monday, October 4, 2010

Here I am!

Greetings to everyone.

It has been a really long time, hasnt it?

I know. I was missed. People asked questions about where I was, what was happening with me. And, many wondered whether I was somewhere in a government 'safe house'. Ugandan euphemism for ungazeted prisons. They are. And, people do disappear down those black holes.

Not me. Was actually more personal reason.

The toll of life kind of caught up with me. I crashed, like majorly. Has taken me months to recover. And, the blog, both a blessing and curse, was one of my most enduring energy sinks. I decided that, yes, I would come back to the blogosphere. But, it would have to be on my terms.... I have to be healthy to do what I want to do.

This past month, I have been getting stronger and stronger. Picking up previously discarded pieces of my life. Last Friday, I was a guest on the BBC 'Have your Say' Programme. About a guy in the US, 18 years, who committed suicide after a roommate streamed him having sex with a guy.

Horrible stuff that.

Anyway, issue is that the whole cyber world is a blessing and a curse. And, it will always continue to be. My condolences to the Tyler family. The kind of cyber bulling which he suffered is very real. And, even when we read about the stress and issues of being gay, young, in Africa or out, the issues are still pertinent.

In Uganda, being outed is virtual social suicide. Matter of fact... and, something we cannot control. When a rug like red pepper decides to out you, you may have no control of your life after that. The kind of thing that leads to suicide.

And, by the way, a new tabloid has come onto the streets of Kampala. And, the first issue is capitalising on the celebrity status of good old gayuganda. Shit. And other top homos in Uganda. Shit happens.

Some of the pics in the rug are from Facebook profiles of some people. We can never be too paranoid, here in good old Uganda.

Here is a scan of it. Has names etc..

So, back with a bang?

Yeah. That is something that seems to be so natural with me...!

I am promising myself certain things. I know, I am gay, a Ugandan, closeted, etc. But, I will grasp at life with the whole of my heart. No more mooning about how rough life can be. The likes of Ssempa and Rolling stone and red rug will always be a pain in the guts.

What I am trying to say is that, I am not going to be driven to suicide. Not now. Not ever.

Be well, and thanks for pulling for me.



Anonymous said...

Please keep being you. Your blog is diamond in the rough.

Leonard said...

THANKS FOR CHECKING IN! Yes, I thought they were parked in a car in front of your house, or worse after those ¨comment threats¨ before you took leave of us...glad you are safe and SOUND! I´m disgusted to see this new tabloid with the face of heterosexual bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo...amongst the few notable straight citizens it seems in Uganda who are willing to counsel distraught LGBT people. Of course Bishop Orombi has to demonize him...Bishop Orombi wants to be viewed as THE ¨African Voice¨ of morality...what a joke, the guy is a agent of fundamentalist nutbags in the United States like Howard Ahmanson (California Banker, IRD supporter) and Bob Duncan (deposed Bishop of Pittsburgh).

Good to have you back, you´ve been in my Anglican prayers and everyday positive thoughts,

Leonardo Ricardo

Jim Burroway said...

I cannot tell you how good it is to have you back! Take care of yourself.

John-Julian, OJN said...

Whew! Now I can stop holding my breath!

You really don't know how much you are loved and how much you were missed!

Keep yourself well!

Unknown said...

long overdue bossy, NEVER leave for so long again!!!


Good to see u back


Karen said...

Very good to have you back. Wish the news you had to post was better. Sorry to hear you crashed. Take care of yourself.

Joliea said...

Glad to have you back gug.


Iwaya said...

As many have said-good thing you are back. You are so unique among Ugandan bloggers your absence would be really felt and your take on things missed greatly. I'm so glad you have refound yourself.

gayuganda said...

Thanks people, thanks a lot!

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

Yea, well ofc I was worried about you, but I see now that you were taking care of yourself.

It's really good to see you back, and determined to go on.

Big hug.

Erp said...

Glad to see you safe.

Anonymous said...

The only people needing to be hung are those who would publish such vile nonsense... I cannot imagine living in a place like Uganda that is filled with such sadness caused by ignorant bigots.

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