Monday, August 11, 2008


I am leaving the country, for a little while.

No, not running away. I will be coming back. Soon.

Coming to customs, I wondered whether my passport would hold me back. Is it tagged? Was the thought. Remembered some colleagues in Rwanda, (Kuchus) who were prevented from getting onto a flight to Mozambique. Reason, they were gay, and going to a gay conference. About the time that Brenda was refused travel documents.

But at the moment, I am through customs, and waiting for the plane, and hoping that nothing happens when I am still home.

Coming to Entebbe, my mind was on what Bolton asked me sometime ago. Why not give up? And my answer, it is home.

Home it is, even if I am having a few problems with the government doubting my patriotism because of the little matter of sexuality. It is so easy to use that excuse to go to some ‘greener’ pastures. Less restrictive environments.

But it does not appeal. I know I am no threat. The guys who believe I am a threat will learn that I am not, just because I am not interested in their machinations. At least that is what I hope. Then, they will be enlightened, and they will not chase after me so much. At least that is what I hope.

Homophobia is funny.

There is a guy, a kuchu who used to attend Pastor Ssempa’s church. He was outed, inadvertently. So, Pastor Ssempa was on his neck. A known gay, who has not repented and changed, through his (Ssempa’s) ministry. Guy changed churches, not able to deal with the pressure. Ssempa followed him to his place of work, and in his presence, demanded of the employer when they had started employing homosexuals.

The employer was an enlightened lady. Evidence? She asked Ssempa. And he was not able to produce any. The employer dismissed the good pastor. And the guy is still employed, though not exactly in the closet any longer.

That is the extent of homophobia. Imagine the good pastor getting to the point of pressuring for someone’s loss of job. On suspicion of his sexuality. And it is a fact that dear Ssempa, friend as he is, wanted me to out myself to him. Confessing an undying Christian love for me.

The Other Sheep, USA chapter were here in Uganda. That is when I first heard of this guy’s testimony about Ssempa. We were in a meeting. And the subject of religious persecution came up. Sad to say, no Kuchu in that place had a word of praise for all Ssempa’s manifested love of gay Ugandans. And when I heard this guy’s testimony, I went up to him and demanded that he confirms it. Story was long, and he confirmed it. Yes, I am always on the lookout for Ssempa. He is a darling who chose to hate me in the name of love.

Would Ssempa ever believe that I am not evil? Would he ever believe that me, a confessed, happy homosexual is not a threat to my dear country?

I don’t believe he would.

Happily, not every one is as phobic as he is. It was Otafiire who rubbished him on an FM station saying, shit, these guys are just not a security threat. And he was left apoplectic.

I am off for a little while. I am coming back. Because it is home, and there is nothing like home. And I hope by then, I will not be thought to be a ‘security threat’ and if I am. We shall deal with that!



Princess said...

But brother dearest, you just got back to Ug a couple of days ago! You gone again?!
You is very busy, hmmm!

gayuganda said...

Hey Sis,

we have to advance the gay agenda, dont you think?

Ok, I am being sarcastic. Some people are bent on proving that there is some connection between the borders and my sexuality. just trying to prove them right!

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