Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Lovely Morning

Beautiful Uganda-

a country where all the days

have the golden touch of a yellow summer

woven into their very fabric.

Lovely Uganda,

a land fertile and green,

bronzed, dark, negroid people;

flowers growing like weed every which way,

the skies are a vivid sea blue,

snow white fluffy clouds riding that calm,

The sun. Oh, the Sun-

Prince of the skies sails that blue sea,

this supremely lovely morning.

Can I not be but happy and,

grateful I call this lovely land home?

© GayUganda 30 August 2008


DeTamble said...

Looks just like my home...only more tamed. Beautiful poem, good job Guggling Guggy GUG.

gayuganda said...

More tamed?????

Huh, I should have shown you as it is now. Wild, wild west.

I am pained. Guggling Guggy gug!!!! My foot, or hoof!

Leonard said...

You sucked me right in...I loved your colorful're a wonderful breeder of beauty.

Where I live it is beautiful, like Uganda, too...I live at "The Land of Eternal Spring"...we have something that looks a bit dry, like Summer, during December through Easter...but, the rest of the time, we're Emerald blooming and reblooming, roses standing tall, bogenvilla flowering and climing everywhere...cascading violet colored flowers from my second floor roof into the Garden...birds chirping, dogs barking...vegetables sold by old ladies wearing native "traje" and sitting on the street surrounded by baskets...we're in rainy season...most morning are vivid miracles of green and most afternoons and evenings it pours down gleefully.

Thanks for inspiring me and sharing with me GayUganda...I think Uganda must be a wonderful place to have ones spirit originate from.

Princess said...

Good job making me want to be at home even more...:)

gayuganda said...

Land of Eternal Spring!!!! Wow, that must be beautiful Leonardo.

Sis, the whole point was actually to make you homesick. Glad I succeded..

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