Thursday, August 28, 2008

News From Liberia

A Homosexual has no redeeming factor about him. Her.

Tecumseh Roberts Was Killed Because He Was Gay...Prince Johnson At TRC

(Aug 26, 2008) By: James Kpargoi, Jr.

Monrovia, August 26, 2008: Popular musician Tecumseh Roberts was executed by Samuel Varnii, the deputy leader of the defunct INPFL, the head of the former warring faction Prince Johnson said.

Mr. Johnson said Varnii shot Roberts (now deceased) in his (Johnson) presence because, according to him, he was involved in homosexuality.

Mr. Johnson, now senior senator of Nimba County, said Mr. Roberts was engaged in the distribution of rice in his control territories on Bushrod Island during the heydays of the civil conflict until he was discovered to be a “gay.” Johnson said when Roberts was arrested he was in the company of a Caucasian man who was later released.

He has been testifying in continuation of the ongoing Institutional and Thematic Inquiry Hearings of Liberia’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion in Monrovia where a mammoth crowd turned up Tuesday to witness the proceedings.

Mr. Johnson said following the discovery of musician Roberts, a stream of blood flowed down his pants leading to the confirmation of suspicion by Gen. Varnii that the musician was a “homosexual.”

“Gen. Varnii ordered Tecumseh Roberts to take off his trouser and when he (latter) took off his trouser, it was discovered that his butt [anal] was rotten. The man whole anus was rotten,” the senator told commissioners.

Following the discovery that he was a homosexual, Johnson said, Gen. Varnii shot and killed Mr. Roberts.


Leonard said...

I can hardly bring myself to think about this vile murder...I wanted to do a POST about it at my blog but, at least so far, I'm too distraught from reading this article from many things come into my mind but my first thought is anyone could be accused of this "rotten" condition no matter what the real medical conditiion actually was...I live in a third world country...a few years ago I was traveling in the "campo" with a heterosexual, older foreign women who developed a viscious kind of diarrea and bled...she was so sick she crawled around and couldn't walk the night it struck...we rushed her back to the capital city for medical treatments and for years she wrote of "upsets" from time to time...thank God she wasn't subjected to the "inspection" of a lunatic murderer however had she been a local indigenous person she may have been thought shameful in some rural settings.

Leonard said...

Again I'm haunted by this...can you imagine what happens when a person is raped? Thousands of people, male and female are raped in Africa and beyond the answer to being raped being murdered or being medically/emotionally treated? Why was the "white person" released and not "examined?" This reeks of another propaganda campaign...blame/shame and ignorance for political thing you know, Orombi will be preaching about "imported, yet internal, vice" as I see he's already blaming the "school burnings" in Uganda on LGBT people.

DeTamble said...

ewww this is so uncool. why don't ppl do assassinations anymore?!?! someone should have him killed for being a moron.

gayuganda said...


I was speechless. Could not adequately comment.

You have done it for me.


Yes, deT, I want the gun, check whether I dont pull the trigger. That guy, Prince Johnson or whatever, he is still alive, i think...

Anonymous said...

I just posted this on Episcopal Cafe,and it seems relevant:

When I was young, I remember gay friends from abroad telling me about “hundert und f├╝nfundsiebzig” - the anti-gay “Paragraph 175” in German Code of Law. They told me then that just mentioning the number “175” in Germany was the way of identifying oneself as gay.

Few people even remember the horror of the Gay Holocaust (an estimated 100,000 gays in the concentration camps – with only about 4,000 surviving) where gays were tortured, mutilated, castrated, used as surgical experiments, and plain murdered. One survivor told of what they called ''the singing forest” – the nighttime cries, weeping, and groans of the tortured homosexuals who were dying - hung from poles throughout the camp.

Most amazing it that it did not stop at the end of the war. Gays came out of the concentration camps and were immediately put in prison BY THE AMERICAN MILITARY GOVERNMENT! The German law was not actually removed from the books until June 11, 1994!

The terribly frightening thing is that all of the above describes EXACTLY the current legal provisions in Nigeria, Uganda, and other African nations – those supported by Akinola, Orombi, and the rest.

In 2000 an award-winning film “Paragraph 175” was made including interviews with gay survivors. (

gayuganda said...

Thanks John-Julian for the post


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