Friday, August 29, 2008

News from Senegal

Hi Leornado,

shit does happen on this continent of mine. Shit like the one below.

It can hurt. Cut to the bone. But that does not help. Yes, we can change it, bit by bit. But for now, we have to publicise. Show that it happens.

Here is the News.

Senegal has jailed a Belgian retiree and his male Senegalese domestic helper for two years for "homosexual marriage and acts against nature," their lawyer said Thursday.

Richard Lambot, 61, and Moustapha Gueye, 63, who wedded in Belgium -- where civil gay marriage is legal -- last month, were sentenced by the Dakar regional court on Augusut 21, said lawyer Seyni Ndione.

"To help Moustapha Gueye get papers to live in Belgium, Richard Lambot married him in July," Ndione said, after which they returned to Senegal -- a predominantly Muslim nation where homosexuality is frowned upon.

"This marriage was only intended to help Mr Gueye," the lawyer said, adding that a poorly conducted police investigation led the two to be accused of "acts against nature" at Lambot's home in a working-class part of Dakar.

Homosexuality in Senegal can lead to five years in prison and fines running up to 1.5 million CFA francs (2,300 euros, 3,380 dollars).

In February, five people were detained for several days, then freed without charge, after a symbolic wedding between two men near Dakar.


Leonard said...

Dear Gug,

As usual your calm, yet sensitive, and kind nature is revealed through your words, comments and observations...yes, there is not much we can do except to keep exposing official criminal behavior wherever it exists...our focus of course is LGBT people and how we are discriminated against, persecuted and harmed/murdered...but what we're really commenting about is savage and vile character behavior that keeps being revealed to us in the most overwhelmingly sickening ways...I suppose we ought get used to the tragedies and atrocities but everytime senselesss abuse is delivered to ANYONE I feel sick...I don't think that will go away....maybe I read that Archbishop Orombi is planning a NEW DIOCESE...part of his big expansion "mission" which sounds all Godly and wonderful...only trouble is that everytime OROMBI slanders a LGBT Anglican/other he becomes a unChristianlike perpetrator gossip and generator of excluding, abominating and violence...more violence against and less love for his fellow human beings...I honestly think that Orombi is not only HOMOPHOBIC and a OPPORTUNIST but a very insecure and emotionally twisted preacherman...I think that every "religious" person ought be accountable for the fear/hate and slander they generate against LGBT at Church/other...I realize when the President of Uganda thinks that smearing fellow citizens is "just wonderful" that degenerate beliving about LGBT Anglicans/Christians/others is a vertical "affair" to bottom, side to side.

Please be careful.

Love to you all,


gayuganda said...

To stay sane, one needs to have a weird sense of humour...

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