Monday, August 25, 2008

Politically Correct

The President made my day

President Museveni’s recent expression of support for Anglican Church in Africa on the issue of homosexuality has proved that he is a Pan-Africanist who has no fear for the Western world. It also proves that the President is fully behind the 96 per cent of Ugandans who also detest homosexuality. Mr President, thank you for fighting for the preservation of our African and Godly values.

I request that you ensure that the Education Ministry cleans up the rampant sodomy cases in schools, especially single schools. Fresh boys and girls welcomed enrolled in schools are introduced into homosexuality acts - they are sodomised. Yet schools fear to publicise such vices due to fear of losing students. Homosexuals are well-funded and use their resources to lure and force vulnerable children into the act.
Your excellency, your intervention in this matter is very important.

Emmanuel Nkeramihigo

[grumble, grumble, wasnt my letter ok?

Why didnt they publish it? They just sent me a note saying that the President was well within his rights...

Ok, ok, a beautiful morning, so I am not going to cloud it with some peoples support of gay bashing!



I have just been alerted to another gay bashing article in the newspapers. New Vision this time. Seems we are selling the news, these days! The title of the article?

Schools breed homosexuals

I will leave you to fantasize on the details. But it seems to be a re-hash of what the Director General of Uganda AIDS Commission said last week. Maybe we had not got the full details of his intelligent comments.


spiralx said...

Wasn't ever gonna be your letter - or mine. Newspapers even in the West take certain party political lines, and in Uganda, I imagine they do it just to stay in business!

spiralx said...

P.S. Actually this letter reminds me of the old joke about African prisons - that they're supposedly so filled with big hunky muscular men waiting to sodomise you as soon as you're dumped in cell, gay African men are queuing to get in!

If sodomy is so "rampant" in Ugandan schools, can Emmanuel and the Prezzie send some of it my way, please? Unlike them, I'm sure I can find somewhere to go with it all!

gayuganda said...


Spiralx [lusty growl]

you are making prison seem positively inviting!

Sex in school. Ugandans are whipping up a hysteria about it, at the moment. Wonder where it will all end. Pity any kid caught at this particular time.

spiralx said...

God, don't we wish they did "breed" gays! Instead of being 7% of the population,we could aim for, oh, 15-20%?

(Or is that too 'Gary Glitter'?)

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