Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Proof, the World is Round

It was an international conference, and a researcher was presenting findings.

The audience could not have been more international. And less liable to homophobia. And the findings were supposed to be scientific.

But there was a glitch.

The researcher was a Ugandan. With some western exposure.

One of the research questions addressed was the ‘foreign’ influence on Ugandan homosexuals.

I am Ugandan, and have lived in Uganda my life. I could actually understand where the researcher was coming from. Straight, and thinking homosexuality a ‘foreign’ entity, that this ‘view’ was something that should be disproved. And the researcher had set out to do exactly that.

I think, to the audience, it was like trying to disprove the notion that the world is flat. Everyone knows the world is round. Except a dis-favoured few. Going through the proofs for the earth’s round shape.

Ugandans believe that homosexuality is a foreign import!

So, of the 200 or so Kampala homosexuals interviewed, only about 2 or 3 were foreigners. But that fact was highlighted. And, they were asked whether they had ever had homosexual sex with a foreigner. And the answer faithfully recorded and reported on.

The audience could not help it. They asked the researcher for more information, and it was given. In a way.

Different cultures, all of us with our own blind spots. But it was very clear that we were coming from different spots of the globe. And could not understand one another, at least on the question of whether, hum, my ‘gayness’ came from outside me. Which foreigner out there injected it into me like a medicine?

Yes, there were other questions addressed. But I was no longer listening, but laughing my head off. Chuckling into my fist. Sometimes it is so hilarious when people insist that we are not African, because we are gay.

Yes, I do take it personal. Very personal, though I understand them, having grown up in Uganda. Why should a foreigner be blamed for what I am? Why cant I be gay, and Ugandan; gay and African?



Anonymous said...

Good points!

And better yet- why do people always define us by our sexuality esp. when they find out we're gay or lesbian or bi or trans... et al?

Why can't it be - "Hi. Have you met GUG, partner of X, brother of W, son of Z, brilliant [insert profession/career] and a damn good human being?"

* So is he gay?

"Yes. but what does that have to do with anything?"

....well in a perfect world thats how conversations would go.

gayuganda said...


and the world is not perfect!

You ok now WildeY? Got your witchdoctor?

Leonard said...

This is another REALLY helpful post...thank you Gay Uganda...I think the more TRUE voices that originate from authentic LGBT people everywhere the better for making OUR REAL stories/personal histories BREAK THROUGH the lies. TRUE always "touches deep inside" and strikes a chord of integrity...silly/dangerous pompous ideas about LGBT Christians/Muslims/others that pop out of the arrogant/boastful mouths of Orombi/Okinola and their accomplices are reedy THIN (no matter how much fear/hate and greed drives them so thunderously along into wrong).

I want to post this...hope you don't mind...I don't want endanger you or your loved ones or friends who comment so let me know if I go too far and I'll take the posts right down.

Leonardo Ricardo/America Central

Leonard said...

Whoops, made a mistake above...but I kind of like it, Orombi/Okinola (Akinola)!

The thing I notice about +Orombi when watching him on video interviews is that he is charismatic and quite believeable (even to me who knows he's grounded in ignorance on sexual orientation matters)...Okinola is simply a dimly lit grandiose grandstander looking for self-importance...big difference...I think Orombi's next up in the Anglican Break-away leadership Campaign...far outshines Okinola in personal appeal (deadly though it might be to LGBT Christians/Muslims/others).

SGL Café.com said...

the ignorance is truly funny, and how appropriate comparing it to the flat earth theory which was once well known fact.

Anonymous said...

I like this conversation. Its educating. By theway, the original meaning of the word GAY is light hearted man. That is why some people have names like Gay meaning light hearted. In old good days, one would say that your such a gay man. Try it today, you wont like it because not many know the meaning of the word.

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