Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Ssempa Thoughts

As reported in the New Vision of 10 Aug. 2008

However some sections of the anti-AIDS campaign have blamed the west for imposing their own ways of fighting HIV/AIDS on Uganda. "We are losing the war against HIV/AIDS," Pastor Martin Ssempa says.

A renown anti-gay activist Ssempa accuses UNAIDS of "forcing us to turn away from our original ABC strategy in favour of the universal access.'

"Universal access puts emphasis on condoms, treatment and a cottage industry of rights, like gay rights, stigma rights. It minimises the role of prevention through behavioural change, abstinence and faithfulness," Ssempa said.

He laments that AIDS has become a big business with most AIDS activists out to make money. "We used to say AIDS kills but now when you say AIDS kills, they say you are creating stigma.

We have a big conflict between the western approach based on human rights against Uganda's approach which was based on prevention (the social vaccine). We have abandoned behavioural change. People are no longer afraid of HIV/AIDS," Ssempa says.

The only thing I need to add is that Ssempa is an MPH (It does mean Masters in Public Health?) and a PhD (and that is Doctor of Philosophy)


Princess said...

Is that last addition of yours meant to be sarcastic? Or does he actually hold those degrees?
*I'm skeptical about the latter...

WhozHe said...

AIDS has only been allowed to become big business because of those who keep treating it as a moral malady instead of a serious medical disease. (And I don't need a MPH to know that).

gayuganda said...

Hi Princess,

so, NY is good?

Well, the degrees are the kind that are appended with 'Honorary'. So Iddi Amin Dada was a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD!). Besides being 'Conqueror of the British Empire'

I would kind of swear on Ssempa's god that he is neither an MPH nor a PhD, but then, I have neither qualifications, and i dont like him,...

But it doesnt need a person with one of those qualifications to know that what Ssempa says shows how much he does not deserve those qualifications. If he has them!

Leonard said...

Gasp, did you see this one from Argentina (thanks SGL Universe)

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