Thursday, August 14, 2008

The World is a Paradise

The world is a paradise,

all done up in purple.

Hey, just realized something. A fact that I will always live with. We, homosexuals, we gays, will never be loved by the world. For one reason or another, we will not be loved completely. Even where we are loved best, many find a reason to hate us.

Strange thing to say. But then, I do not like to make myself think ‘politically correctly’. Life is too interesting for that.

But then, even if we are never loved, we are not in a popularity contest. We have to live and love ourselves.

Growing up gay is tough. Real tough. Tougher than growing up straight. But the upside of it? Few straight people will ever get the sweet taste of self realization and self acceptance which a coming out challenges.

Ok, think of it this way.

I grew up in Uganda. It is home.

Despite the coups, the ideals swept under carpets, the corruption and poverty.

I went to an Oliver Twist like boarding school when I was a kid, and was hungry more than I was satisfied, and went to class barefooted and squeaked through the school system. I have known poverty, and known hunger, and known cruelty. I have lived with war, and seen people shot up, children dying of hunger, and myself torn up with a lack of knowledge, and failing to touch.

Yet, I am alive.

And not just alive, I am singing with life.

I cannot take life easily. I will not marry it to ideals, I will not slave it to anything. I will just live it, beautiful as it is.

Life has no guarantees, and its better be lived like that.

I appreciate a well ordered, life of abundance. Cheque in the bank every end of the month, no bills but those which I can afford, to pay, and pay well. And opportunities to fly and see other parts of the world. Beautiful other places of the world.

But, I can go back home, knowing that, I am content. Through the many struggles and difficulties at home, it is still home.

As a child, I have gone barefoot for days. Hungry for hours. I have begged food, meals off near strangers.

But I have survived. I am alive. And though wealth is very important, though money pays the bills and oils a lot of things, there can be something missing, even when all is paid for and I do not have to spend a cent.

So it is with being gay, and Ugandan, and African.

How many will look me in the eye and love me, despite all? It is more politically correct to love women and children. Men? Gay men? Ugggghhhhhh!

There is a gay agenda. A homosexual agenda. Self realization, and self respect and self appreciation, in spite of all the hate that a hostile world can throw towards me.

Yes, I will follow that gay agenda! And I will self realize, every second of the day.



Princess said...

Straight or no, not everybody will love you anyways.
The greatest thing is to be able to love yourself. And not grimace when you look at yourself in the mirror. If your image is smiling bcak at you, well, damn everybady else!!!

gayuganda said...


Has Princess learnt to live with the imperfection of a mis-spelling? Funny if that is the first lesson you learn from the Americans!

Everybady else!

Princess said...

Oh, darn!
I was doing way too many things at once. sorry!
You didn't see this, "bcak" did you?
LOL. Will pay more attention next time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Growing up knowing you're different from most people around you is really very very hard. Especially in a homophobic society.

I think thats where the inner strength and innate drive I see in most gay Africans comes from.

I had to learn to first accept my sexuality then learn to disregard what society told me was an anathema and 'evil' and 'wrong'.

Its not easy coming to terms with all this as a teenager but then when when I look back at all these experiences, it makes me more resolute and even more comfortable with my identity.

It doesn't bother me any more what people call me or label me (and call me names they do!) because they don't matter to me at all. I grew a thick skin- the proverbial rhino's hide- and there are no words sharp enough that can cut through that.

I'm African. I'm gay. I'm me.

gayuganda said...


I loooooovvvvvveeeeee the way you put it.

On the basis of that, I am going to ask the sisters for you to be inducted into the family! [not just because I am being overwhelmed...]

I grew a thick skin- the proverbial rhino's hide- and there are no words sharp enough that can cut through that.

I'm African. I'm gay. I'm me.


leos child said...

have you watched the secret?please do i totally believe in the principle of like attracts like.stop believing bad sentiments that people say about you or even thinking about them then they will eventually stopthink positive and its only one life you get live it happy!

Princess said...

GUGGY, where've you been???
WildeY joined the family a hell of a long time ago!! :-)

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