Friday, November 14, 2008


A clash of the old and new-

or the hypocrisy.. cough, cough. But it is hard not to see it as hypocritical.

Hi, I am back, and why not revisit one old post which caused a lot of bad blood for me!

Remember the Nigerian superman with 86 wives who was given an ultimatum to divorce all but four of them? Poor man, he balked at that tall order from god. Or at least, from some messengers of god who believe that he was breaking the law.


Nigerian preacher with 86 wives gets court reprieve

By Tume Ahemba

LAGOS - A Nigerian court said an 84-year-old Islamic preacher with 86 wives should be released from jail after he was held for failing to heed a call by local leaders to divorce all but four of the women, his lawyer said.

The authorities in central Niger state had charged Mohammed Bello with "insulting religious" creed and "unlawful marriages" after local chiefs and Muslim leaders gave him a Sept. 7, 2008 deadline to comply with sharia, Islamic law, which allows a man to have no more than four wives.

He was jailed after he failed to comply.

"The Federal High Court granted Bello unconditional release yesterday," defence lawyer David Ikotun told Reuters by phone from Abuja.

Niger is one of 12 predominantly Islamic northern states that started a stricter enforcement of sharia eight years ago.

Bello, who lives with his wives and about 170 children in the town of Bida, had pleaded not guilty to the charges at an Upper Sharia Court in the state capital Minna. But the judge refused him bail and ordered he be remanded in prison.

Before his detention, the preacher had filed a petition at a Federal High Court in the Nigerian capital Abuja seeking to enforce his rights and to be protected from local chiefs and Muslim leaders who threatened to banish him if he failed to divorce 82 of his wives.

"The judge also ordered that the inspector general of police provide him with adequate protection to ensure that his fundamental human rights are not infringed," Ikotun said, adding that Bello was still in custody.

The Niger state government said it will appeal the judgment, the lawyer said.

The court adjourned Bello's hearing to Dec. 12.

His case has stirred controversy in Africa's most populous country of 140 million people, roughly half of whom are Muslims.

The preacher had received a number of death threats after Nigerian media began reporting on his situation in September, his spokesman said.

Interesting world we live in, huh?

The face of religion without compassion.

I come from a lively polygamous family. So, big deal with polygamy… well, only because my dear mom would have loved to be the only wife. But, it was not to be.

Me, well, gay, polygamous heaven? Sorry, my lover does not believe in that! I have had a few offers, guys who didn’t have a problem with a multi-swinging relationship, cough, cough! Come to think of it, the only guy who wanted to share me with his woman.. relationship didn’t work out.

Sigh, yes, I am back, in all my irreverent, questioning self.

A new question. I make my world day to day. I can live deeply in the closet. Marry a woman, have gay lovers on the side. I decided to live with my lover. I can have lovers on the side… or have a multiple lovers, a swinging lifestyle. I decided to live with my lover!

Children? [My dad is always pointedly reminding me of my duty to the clan…]

Hope you all have been fine,

I am back in cyber, and ready to annoy as ever!



Leonard said...

Nothing like a real eyeopening eyeopener! Welcome back!

Missed you!

Princess said...

Welcome back! :)

Ugandan girl said...

nice to have you back..

gayuganda said...

thanks everyone!

Good to be back...

Anonymous said...

Goodness, you are like the sun: it goes behind the clouds for days at a time --an then it returns, shining triumphally!

How GOOD to have you back.

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