Saturday, November 29, 2008

Singing a new song?

Dr. Nsaba-Buturo that is. Some quotes over the last few years from the gentleman.

“Buturo said that the law would be changed to increase the number of prosecutions.

"It is true that the law on homosexuality is not comprehensive and that the criminals just walk away and police find it difficult to prosecute," he said. "We need to address this gap."

"We want it to become law in that if someone is a homosexual or confesses to being a gay or lesbian, then he is a criminal," he added.

More quotes

“He said homosexuality – not war, famine, poverty and disease as many would like “us” to believe – is threatening the stability and prosperity of Uganda. “It is a mental disease and I believe people can change,” Dr Buturo added.

““We hear that some students in our schools have been lured into homosexuality. I appeal to the investigative arms of the government to quickly compile reports of such students and their schools so that tough action is taken against them,” he said.

Actually, the possible quotes are too many. Here is the new song.

Don’t harass homos – Buturo
Thursday, 27th November, 2008

By Vision Reporter

HOMOSEXUALS should not be discriminated against, ethics and integrity minister James Nsaba buturo has said.

buturo, who has been a strong critic of homosexuals, said although the Government does not agree with their lifestyle, they should not be harassed.

He said they should instead be accorded equal treatment just like any other Ugandans.

“They (homosexuals) say they are being harassed and discriminated against. This is not true. No one should discriminate against a sick person. They are entitled to getting drugs like all Ugandans,” buturo said.

buturo added: “They are our people who have unfortunately decided to take a different lifestyle.

They need counselling and help. As a Government, we pledge not to leave any body behind, especially when it comes to accessing HIV/AIDS drugs.”

buturo was speaking at a workshop for members of Parliament and civil society organisations on the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Draft Bill, 2008 at the Parliament.

The Bill prohibits any person from being denied employment, transfer or promotion on grounds of their HIV status.

Is it hypocrisy or not? The very person who is harassing us apparently is advocating not harassing us. So?????
I admit to being a little bit confused. Though the confusion is very likely in my mind and not his. Read the fine print. Homosexuals will get the drugs, but not lessons in HIV prevention....



spiralx said...
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spiralx said...

What an insulting and patronising waste of political space that man is.

He continues the falsehood about homosexuality being a "chosen lifestyle" - the right-wing evangelist propaganda line.

And there's little point in saying "drugs are available" if people are too intimidated to go and ask for them.

At least the Bill sounds like a piece of common sense, though of course, passing it and enforcing it are two different things.

Anonymous said...

you want to be harassed????
the man said homosexuals are "SICK"
so they need "HELP"

True true they need help...i know they are just confused.......i have many friends who have left that lifeless style.....and i believe many can CHANGE!!

spiralx said...

I thought he was saying that too, at first. But he's speaking in a debate on HIV. So he means that even sick homosexuals should have access to drugs.

Then he goes and ruins it by denying his regime harasses gay people. And using the term "chosen lifestyle".

Marti, it's not "lifeless" at all. Or "confused". Though given the sheer pig-ignorance our government maintains, I'm not surprised a lot of gay people are confused and uncertain.

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