Friday, November 28, 2008

A Dusting of Rain

From a sky clear of clouds-

sunny and blue and bright,

through the air, clear of dust-

clean and clear and bright,

drops a sparkling drizzle of rain.

It will not last long, no clouds holding

buckets and buckets of water-

indeed the sun’s rays are strong and golden

from a blazing blue sky

but from thence come the drops of water,

glinting and golden, sparkling

like diamonds-

children play in this, a dusting of rain;

bright and cheerful, happy and content.

Unusual happening,

the rain and sun mixed,

sun not too hot, rain a sprinkly drizzle,

balm on the skin that it bathes,

quickly warmed and dried by the

golden sunshine-

It is beautiful, a

dusting of a drizzle of rain,

all mixed and sprightly with

the sun’s golden light and rays

a dusting of rain to polish the mind

and lift the heart to holy high praise.

©GayUganda 28 Nov. 2008

Err, this is not a dusting, but a deluge, more common than not in Kampala.


Anonymous said...

Those pictures, oh God, they are like Impressionist paintings of landscapes in the rain...they are heart stopping and beautiful!

Thank you for these!

Princess said...

Ah, rain.
Beauty. :-)

gayuganda said...

Hmmm, Iwaya,
I am a point and shoot photographer.. Glad you liked them.

Princess, how is the Island?

Princess said...

So, so.
How is you?

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