Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Gospel Group in Town!

They prefer to be called 'urban missionaries' rather than gospel rap artistes, Richard Tumukunde (aka Renee) and Ivan Wobusobozi (aka Hell 01). They make up the incredibly talented gospel hip-hop group Levite Clan, a name they derived from the book of Leviticus.


Now down to a duo, their first rap song together No Gay was inspired by the story of Gene Robinson, the Anglican homosexual bishop in the US. They claim the song shuns homosexuality and not the people who engage in it.


Their debut 15-track album, Christ in the Youth Culture, which was released last year was sponsored by an American professor who helped register their company Levite Media.

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spiralx said...

Well, they would, wouldn't they. If there's one thing the evangelicals do well, it's sing from the same song-book. I imagine all the usual stock phrases will abound.

Doesn't change the reality on the streets, though.

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