Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is what to believe.

Major beef with religion. Someone telling me what to believe. Defining logic according to him or her as the truth for me to take.

I have always been big headed. Ask mommy, told me more than once. Knew my mind.

But seriously, there are some things where the rights of religious ‘authorities’ seem to stray right into the sphere of personal freedom which an individual regards as his or her own.

Take this-

Malaysian Islamic body bans yoga for Muslims

Malaysia's top Islamic body fresh from banning tomboys issued an edict Saturday that prohibits Muslims from practicing yoga, saying that elements of Hinduism in the ancient Indian exercise could corrupt them.

Err, have a sis who used to ride the bicycle, play football (soccer) and generally carry on like a dude. And of course, many of my trans friends would not be happy about the ‘Ban the tomboy’ fatwa.

Me, I am indignant. How dare you tell me what to believe…

Sigh, in our world, many are ready to accept authoritarian positions. Authority seems to be marked by the ability to deprive someone of their freedom in some way!..

And of course, insight. I am very bad at disciplining. Lover mine says I give way too much slack, always. I think it comes from thinking that always someone will have the similar outlook, knowledge and wishes like I do. Uh, idealist.



spiralx said...

Like Christianity, Islam is rapidly sliding into being a religion of intrinsic hypocrisy. And for the same reasons: people at the top making authoritarian declarations that bear no resemblance to real life.
Fatwas are so 'two-a-penny' these days that no-one really takes them seriously. Unless it suits you to, of course. (Mainly men out on a power kick, or who like to hurt and kill for thrills, sadly).

Leonard said...

And for the same reasons: people at the top making authoritarian declarations that bear no resemblance to real life. spiralx

People ¨at the top¨ of the Christian ¨Fool¨ Chain ought be in the trenches helping people, inspiring works of REAL help for REAL people in crisis...why aren´t the POPE and the Archbishop of Canterbury on the ground in the Republic of Congo or Sudan or wherever vile injustice, greed, rape, murder are taking place TODAY? Nope, these brocaded dudes are busily sorting out special Covenants and actual Psychological TESTS for LGBT people that want to SERVE CHRIST! Listen, if these well-educated morons can´t figure out the basics of REAL MISSION and set a proper and reality based standard, for HONEST participation, who can? With all their pomp and glory they are phasing themselves out as they ¨inspect¨ other peoples basic rights ¨to be¨ REAL CHRISTIANS at all levels of Churchlife...add Orombi, Akinola/others who actively PERSECUTE and Thieve from Anglicans at CHURCH, and also preach against Muslims, and you have fear/hate being instigated at CHURCH that is NOT PEACE! The massacre of Yelwa comes to mind and Akinola grinned when asked about it afterward for a magazine feature writer, Ms. Griswold in The Atlantic!

Real people, who are thankfully less driven by superstitousness, and fabricated, selective Scriptural NONSENSE (like the anti-LGBT twisted/fantasy of Sodom Gomorahha story) are truly helpful...of course FALSE preaching, prophesizing, self-righteous selfseeking and plain stupidity won´t ¨cut it¨ in the longrun...especially amongst folks who are down to basic survival, being exploited, demoralized, demonized and raped already while unholy, bigmouthed religious beasts swoosh about in their brocaded dresses, red/white capes and mitred crowns!

As they strut about making proclamations others merely do a better job of hiding from their wrath and exploitation.

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