Friday, November 14, 2008

Of Mortal Sins


What do you think of this? Apparently, a catholic priest has told his parishioners not to take Holy Communion if they dared to vote for Obama as president. Fact, here it is.

Reason? Obama is pro-choice, and there was a ‘viable’ pro-life choice in McCain.

Reminds me, during the campaigns, I asked a colleague at work whether she was all excited about Obama. The answer was a definite NO.

Why? Obama is pro-life… Or supports abortion.

Errr, I am sure nevender would agree… one cannot be gay and a Christian! Eh? Logic can be a very beautiful thing. The fact that what we believe is logical is actually a percept of our faith.

Friday evening is beautiful. Have a great weekend.



Princess said...

You're pro-abortion?

Ugandan girl said...

well i do not support abortion...i do have strong christian beliefs but unlike nevender i believe that one can be gay and christian.. I know loads of them more faithful than the christians who are not gay....

spiralx said...

Abortion is something Nature uses as a way of getting rid of malfunctioning foetuses. We also use it as a medical technique in certain specific situations. (And as always, it can be misused as well).
I don't see why certain Christian sects should try to own the argument here.

WhozHe said...

The Catholic priest himself must be confused. THe christian bible refers to all authority as being ordained by God. The priest must be asking himself why did God ordain a man who is pro-abortion. Hummm, maybe it's his ideas about christianity that need to be re-examined not God' choices.

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