Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kiss of the Sun

A day of beauty;

I stand in the sun, shirt off

feeling its warm caress on

the smoothness of my skin,

It’s beautiful-

the clouds play hide and seek

sudden shadows that shade

the warming rays, and I lift

my anxious eyes, counting the minutes till

they will roll off and let

the sun’s face pop out again.

the sun’s kiss on my skin

what a pure, simple pleasure

to feel and enjoy!

©GayUganda 30 November 2008

Ha princess. Memories of home, enough pointers for you to work out where.


Princess said...

I love the poem! :-)
Gives one ideas... :D

*But, the pointers are lost on me. :-(
Where is that??

Leonard said...

Thanks, I loved the Poem too...I could feel it outside and inside.

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