Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Day Before Christmas

In the valley, the air is cool, laden with dew. The sun is up, but its direct rays have not yet touched where we are.

The day before Christmas.

It promises to be hot and a bit windy. No rain. No overcast. A typical dry season day in the land of year long summer and spring. A day of beauty.

Woke up in my lover’s arms. Beautiful.

Oh, till I remembered that Nsaba Buturo was telling the country yesterday how 2008 has been the year of moral decay. Major evidence, courts have upheld the human rights of lesbians and gays. In Uganda!

A major blow, apart from the child sacrifice, and wars, and corruption.

Again that statement- the laws are not strong enough…, imagine, upholding the right to have anal sex! His words, not mine.

That is a cloud, possibly that we carry on into the next year. But for this year, with the usual ups and downs, seems we are winding it off well. When activists in the court started shouting in pleasure, the judge smiled, noting that the ruling was a 'Christmas present'

To all my readers, a good celebration of the day. And a good holiday season.

Don’t seem to have a new poem to share with you for the day, but poetry is in your hearts. Have a good day.


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