Thursday, December 25, 2008

Government will not appeal pro gay ruling

I have been looking for a print, or electronic bit of this, but failed.

You know, Monday was the ruling. And of course we rejoiced. Tuesday, Nsaba Buturo, in his capacity as Minister of Integrity and Ethics called a press conference. The press wanted a piece of that action. The knew that the big man would deliver, some good homophobic statements. And he did deliver. At least 3 television stations carried his ire at the ruling from the courts. His disgust at the 'badness' of 2008, when homosexuals were allowed to win in cases brought to court. But, and that was a very big but, it was not put into print. I do not know why.

But I have picked it up from another, and newer media house. For some reason these guys seem to be in the run to challenge the traditional pro-government, and pro-opposition media, with a fuller coverage of news. Anyway, I have gotten my article. And acquired a new bookmark...

Here is the article. And, I would like to note that, this is the guy, (Nsaba Buturo) who as recently as here, was shedding crocodile tears on how gay Ugandans should not be 'discriminated' against. Oh, Uganda does not have to look for Rick Warren's outside the country. We have our very own examples of religious hypocrisy. Jesus called them 'Pharisees' in a blistering chapter of the bible... I am no Christian. I dare not mention what I think they are! Here is the article.

And it is fantastic news that the govt is not thinking of appealing.

Government will not appeal pro gay ruling

Ultimate Media

The government of Uganda is not planning to appeal Monday’s court ruling that ordered the state to respect rights of homosexuals in Uganda.

The Court ruling by Justice Stella Arac also ordered the government to pay damages of 13million shillings to Evon Oyo and Victor Mukasa, both members of the Coalition of Gay Rights who petitioned the court after being roughed up and beaten by police in Kampala on suspicion that they were having a same sex relationship.

The Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Dr. James Nsaba Buturo who has been vowing on ensuring the hardest whip is used to discourage homosexuals in Uganda yesterday said the government was disappointed by the ruling but will not appeal.

He says that although the country’s penal Code clearly outlaws homosexuality, the country’s laws are inadequate to ensure a conviction of people engaged in same sex relationships, commonly referred to as gays or homosexuals.

Dr. Buturo said the current laws do not give the state a chance to investigate and get the truth out of people suspected of engaging in same sex relationships. He says with the constitution currently guarantying rights of every citizen to privacy and freedom from torture, it would require the state to catch people having same sex activities in a public place in order for the state to be able to present a successful case to courts of law.

(this is stupendous. I watched Buturo make this statement and thought, logically, what he was looking for was the right to privacy of anyone suspected of being homosexual challenged... If you are suspected, then the govt should be able to 'prove' this law. The guy is truly evil.

Dr. Buturo said all sexual activities are carried out privately by two people and the state will be unable to produce evidence of same sex relationships against suspects.

The minister did not say what this means for the country and the government currently extremely opposed to gay relationships.

He instead said the government of Uganda can never allow “the madness” of same sex marriages to be legal in Uganda as some countries like the US and South Africa have done. Dr. Buturo said the government will continue sensitizing people against homosexual behaviors saying they are foreign and against human nature.


Anonymous said...

The tone in your post sounds bitter, what should you care what others are saying about you?

Do you feel secure in your belief, or lack of it, therefore in God? you feel the need to relate with Him?

The world we live in is filled with hypocrites, you don't have to be a genius to know that.
Hit the nail on the head, what's ticking you off?
Is there anything you can do about it?
Do you want to talk to someone?

I'm listening.

...till next time,
easy does it :-)

Anonymous said...

:-) you didn't think I wasn't going to wish you a happy holiday, huh?

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Hey, Merry Christmas, you (make-believe) pagan, you!

Just got back from a trip away so I haven't been able to reply to earlier postings (as you requested).

Obama/Warren? Well, it tells me one thing: Obama is a politician -- a pretty good man, but still a politician! I think the Warren choice was a bad one, but I will probably not agree with every decision he makes in years ahead -- he's still a breath of fresh air! (On the other hand, I haven't even agreed with every decision I have made myself, so......)

spiralx said...

Bitter, walkonby? Because our government is has clearly stated it will continue lying to children and the adultswhose welfare it is supposedly responsible for?

Not hard to be bitter about that.

But at least they're been honest about their stance. So we can maybe be clear about any opposing strategy.

Fighting lies, and ignorance. Not so different from what has gone before!

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