Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Reformation

But why on account of me? Well...

Conservatives who fled liberal views of Scripture have formed a breakaway church in North America.
By Duke Helfand
December 4, 2008
Hundreds of conservative Episcopal congregations in North America, rejecting liberal biblical views of others in the denomination, formed a breakaway church Wednesday that threatened to further divide a global Anglican body already torn by the ordination of an openly gay bishop.

Leaders of the new Anglican Church in North America said they took the extraordinary step to unify congregations and dioceses that had fled the American Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada over issues of Scripture


Leonard said...

Don´t get distracted...most of these former ¨Anglicans¨ have been gone for decades, are not in ¨Communion¨ with ¨Canterbury¨ (that would include the CANA and Ugandan and Rwandan Church outposts in America) and only 2% represent the current Episcopal Church numbers...unfortunately, bigotry is the ¨religious¨ selective Scriptural divider with these zealots who are funded by outside people with Dominionism on their if, Akinola and Orombi and people like them even know the difference between right and wrong regarding LGBT Christians and others...these people are blowhards and mostly fabricate their ¨righteousness¨as they go along!

Anonymous said...

Leonardo is absolutely right!

If I have a hundred dollars and someone steals two dollars from me, it really is no big deal, and I am quite certain I wouldn't even bother to report it to the police.

It's a "loss" so small that it doesn't even deserve consideration.....

And it is hilarious to read accounts calling it a "split" in the Episcopal Church. When I chop a log in half, that's a split -- but when I shave off one toothpick, it's not even noticeable -- and that's what has happened.

Since many of this little bunch of schismatics don't even agree with each other, we can now watch as the house of cards they have built (and it is no more than that) begins to come apart without any outside interference.

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