Thursday, December 11, 2008


Is it a poverty of words

or- a lack of

imagination on my part

in the way I

thread and weave words to express

the heights and depth of what I feel?

hard. Mvule hardness

the feel of a velvet glove wrapped

on a steel hard fist-

all may with a gentle deftness

and surgical clarity be expressed-

building a monument to

the art of expression- a poem.

(c)gayuganda 11 Dec. 08


Leonard said...

You are sensitive. Very are also very tolerant and quite creative...that´s a very lovely combo to me.


Anonymous said...

Neither poverty of words nor a lack of imagination.
Words are quite inadequate to describe our deepest feelings.
Take Love as an example. You say it, act it... There seems still to be something missing and you feel it in the depth of your soul.

Gay Nigerian

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