Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Sunday

It has been a beautiful day.

Spent it out of the house, with my love, and friends. A visit out of town to see one guy, then back, looking for a beach...

Found one which was adequately crowded for us to perv without being seen. There was plenty to see. Youths, away from school, add in alcohol and no parental oversight- yes, a recipe for chaos.

For some reason, I found myself ducking into my book of poetry, and I penned this.

I seek Love

I see more in people

and less, than I should-

maybe its just the thoughts

that range further and wider

seeking a depth to the surface,

something more that just the

smoothness of skin-


that maybe my fault but

I seek meat and bone beneath the skin-

I see a boy, and dream of love and lust

not just a roll in the hay, day and night of pleasure-

I grasp at the lips, eyes, the heart;

reach for that which’s rarely offered

hoping beyond hope for day beyond the night;

I’m gay, and a man-

lust and sex are a river

that flows through my mind;

cannot dam it, too dangerous

it will crack and breach,

the overflow may drown even me-

Yet I seek that little bit more

that is so much more than

the heat and lust of a one night stand;

a home shared, a love to wake to

evenings watching sunsets,

the music of crickets-

sex with the fragrance of new,

familiarity of the old- all my buttons squeezed;

I seek that which’s not so often given

nor so often on market-

I seek hearts to enthrall as

they hook and hold me fast-

I seek love.

©GayUganda 07 Dec. 08


Leonard said...

I see more in people
and less, than I should-Gag

Bingo, me too.

Princess said...

"...all my buttons squeezed."
Nice one. I will be plagiarising that one, thanks. :-)

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