Friday, December 19, 2008

The Trials of Ted Haggard

Ex-gay Ted Haggard.

Closeted but proudly gay GayUganda.

So, should I condemn him, or just listen to his story? I embraced my sexuality. Ted Haggard rejected his sexuality. And lied about it. And was found out, and he tried to change it. So, is Ted Haggard still gay or not?

Sorry, he is not gay. Is he still homosexual?

Some excerpts from his ‘trials’. And my comments of course.

“In the film, by Nancy Pelosi's documentarian daughter Alexandra, Haggard says that he never claimed to be heterosexual and that he still struggles with homosexual impulses.”

Duh, I always thought he was homosexual. Even when he did not believe it. So is Larry Craig, who is definitely not gay…! No, too many of us have to pass through this thing. Happy are those who do so, and come out with their pride intact. Will Ssempa????

“Disgraced evangelical leader Ted Haggard says in a new documentary that he still struggles with his sexuality yet is committed to his marriage for the sake of his children.”

Good for him. But he is presuming that he cannot be homosexual and still love his children.

“Haggard talks about a lifelong battle with his sexuality”

It is humbling the number of ways we try to handle our sexuality. Lifelong battle? Gosh, wasn’t I lucky? Here is one guy who should have been a star of the X-gay movement. And he is a poster child for why their struggle with reality is doomed to fail. Thanks Haggard. For confirming what I knew, and what I would have feared was not true just because you knew that you were lying to me when you told me that it is not true.

“"The reason I kept my personal struggle a secret is because I feared that my friends would reject me, abandon me and kick me out, and the church would exile and excommunicate me. And that happened and more," he says.”

What can I truly say about that? That is the reason we come out, tell the world that we are gay, and fight for decency and our rights. We fear to come out, and punish ourselves, for life. And if it happens, we find out those who love to hate us in the name of their god.
Don’t worry, they were never true friends. They never realy loved you.

“Haggard moved his family to Arizona after the scandal and also lived in Texas. He re-emerged last month at a rural Illinois church, where he delivered guest sermons and said he was sexually abused as a second-grader.”

Ha, Ted, I am gay. I was never sexually abused as a child. Of course I know of many people who say their sexuality is a result of sexual abuse. I am not one of them. If it is not true, you are doing yourself a disfavor. Accept what you are.

“He now sells insurance and, in the documentary, says he isn't successful.
"At this stage in my life, I am a loser," he says.”

If you believe that Ted, you still have a long way to go. It is more likely than not that you will not listen to me. I am not a Christian. I am homosexual. Gay, and proud to be so. Maybe you should take the counsel of a guy who is Christian and gay, and confortable with his sexuality. I will refer you to him. Here, the Gay Ambassador. Anthony Venn-Brown on Wikipedia

"The Trials of Ted Haggard," directed by Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is set to air Jan. 29 on HBO. The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Haggard has agreed to promote the documentary.

So well, Ted



Leonard said...

Oh for heaven sake Ted, quit whining and be GLAD that you are becomming the authentic person that God has created you to be...your vaporizing whimper and selfcrucification is tiresome and yesterdays NEWS! BECOME THE REAL YOU and everything will fall into might even start selling some of those insurance, another racket,´s time to stop being a coward and face reality (silently).

spiralx said...

One of the hardest things to do is to face up to yourself.

So maybe we should look on this as part of Ted's journey to eventual self-reconciliation and self-acceptance? (And, by proxy, those in a similar position who watch it on Jan 29?).

By putting this out there, he actually may doing some folk a favour.

Though personally I do find these little coming-out dramas rather tedious now, esp, in the USA. IN thte Third World, it's a different matter.

(Oh - and what's the difference between "gay" and "homosexual"?).

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