Wednesday, December 31, 2008

War without End

War is a very messy business. Very messy.

Yet it is a matter of fact that us humans seem to have this urge to fight and go to war. Sometimes we are very utterly convinced of the ‘moral right’ of our war. Fact is, both bin Laden and GWBush are equally convinced of the rightness of their particular wars. Me, like one of those pieces of grass caught on the ground beneath these massive elephants, I have no option but to react.

I am from a rough continent. There are few nuances about how terrible war and civil disruption can be in Africa. A people, and peoples will always stand up and fight, especially when they are given no option to do otherwise. Poverty has turned most of Africa into a waiting time bomb, war prone because of the utter need and the failure of our weak governments.

Israel and the Palestinians are caught up in their usual nightmare. A piece of modern stupidity beyond end, political emasculation beyond understanding. An endless chess game where the king is never checkmated, and the smaller pieces are always sacrificed for the ‘greater good’. Reason has taken a backseat, in the name of ‘patriotism’ and ‘national need’.

Its stupendous how clever mankind is. Able to clone ourselves, we still are busy sticking to a vaunted belief in the superiority of one sect over another. Clan, class, race, etc etc.

Kony the beast is doing his usual mayhem in DRC. Poor villagers who are caught between ignorance, stupidity and madness.

Yet despite these wars, rumours of war and mayhem, it is a fact that we can still find beauty in life. And enjoy it.

I am at home. Seated, thinking, resting.

A gurgle of kids from the neighborhood have been playing in our compound. Noisy chatterboxes.

Weaverbirds of the morning, though the fact that they do not seem to have a limit of the time they sing is a qualification to their chattering song.

School is out, and it is the December holidays. They are children. Happy in their childhood. More or less un-minding of the war and such issues which may concern parents. Their world of play is perfect.


We all are like children. We can be perfectly happy in ignorance. And we can hunker down and cry about the problems of the world. Like my sexuality destroying the world. Or not destroying it.

We can, and do cause war and conflicts because of our bigheadedness, pride and ignorance- and of course the idea that, for some reason, we are much, much better than others. Yet we are still the stock from which the great artists, musicians, singers and lovers come.

We humans are a study in contrasts. No wonder we are so persistent in our belief of a deity or deities. We are able to hold out to the highest of ideals, a knowledge of good and evil. Yet, we can also, in the name of our ideals, do the most evil that we are capable of.

Sigh, we are all very human.

As 2008 winds down, I would like to wish you, fellow human, a wonderful time. Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you think. Yes, gay, straight, phobe or neutral, you are human. Have a lovely wind up of the old year, 2008. And my 2009 be good for you.

You are special. A human being.


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