Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Nsaba-Buturo Statement Addendum

I had not seen this. Nsaba-Buturo's assesment of the year 2008 starts with the moral failures that have occured. First and foremost, the rise of homosexuality in Uganda.

Here is his article in the New Vision, the government paper.

Our morals reveal a big national problem

Monday, 29th December, 2008

By Nsaba Buturo

UGANDA deserves a social audit for the year 2008. For the first time in her history, the ugly side of human behaviour reared its ugly face on the conscience of Ugandans as never before. Attempts to dress this ugly face in popular catch phrases such as human rights and freedom were made by advocates of immorality with some degree of success.

Promoters of homosexuality, pornography and witchcraft, etc. were on the offensive seeking to market their philosophies contrary to tenets of Ugandas laws as well as nature. The venom of embezzlement, poor time management and drug abuse, too, had their toll on public service.

In the case of homosexuality, some nations went into an overdrive. They drafted a resolution for presentation to the United Nations which would compel other nations to legalise, in effect, anal sex, in the case of men, as an alternative to heterosexual sex. This is an unprecedented classic case of abuse by these nations which are seeking to use their weight and advantage to impose their tastes and preferences upon the rest of the world. One wonders what divine right they have to do that!

So, what should the government do about all these? Of course the big man has some solutions to the homosexual problem.--

Ugandas moral capital is so low that our efforts to graduate to the club of more developed nations will remain a challenge. Governments programs such as Prosperity For All will continue to be threatened by insufficiency of moral capital in the population and more crucially the public service.

The Government will renew its efforts against law breakers. It recognizes that enforcement of laws on witchcraft, embezzlement or theft of public funds, drug abuse, homosexuality and pornography has been weak.

To address the issue of inadequate laws, new legislation will be required. Regarding witchcraft, discussions are underway in Government to distinguish between witchdoctors and genuine herbalists.

The Government is appealing to the public to report all criminal individuals cum witchdoctors in their communities. In 2009, Government will seek to collaborate more with religious leaders and more emphasis on moral education will be made.

The move to universalise immorality in the name of human rights or freedom will not convince Ugandans to abandon what is right in preference of what is wrong.

Uganda will neither legalise nor recognise homosexuality as a human rights issue. Government has completed a nation-wide exercise on Ugandas values.


Stronger laws, stronger laws, stronger laws. A law, specifically for homosexuals that makes it a crime to admit one is gay.

Hmmmmm! He has been harping on that subject for a long time.

So much done, 2008.

So much more to be done.


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spiralx said...

And I hope that Ugandan individuals who disagree with the Minster's moral crusade, or are alarmed by its implications, have sent the appropriate letters to New Vision, or are doing so as we speak.

The last thing Uganda (or any country) needs is a home-grown Inquisition, or the equivalent of the USA's appalling 1950's McCarthy witch-hunt.

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