Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hang Them!

You know about the 'Rolling Stone' rug which published names of gay Ugandans?

Well, the Media council told them to stop publishing. Because they had apparently not satisfied the necessities of registration.

When I think of them, I get in turns angry and sad. Angry because, these are my fellow countrymates. Sad, because it was such a stupid thing to do, so dastardly cruel that I wonder how they got the guts to do it.

Hang them.

The message was clear. Unequivocal.

On the Throckmorton blog, I have been debating a few others of my country mates. Ugandans.... errr, I am telling them to stop thinking that they speak for all Ugandans when they piously point out that they would like us killed.
They are very brave, these guys. [Err, am sorry to say, but ignorance and stupidity put on a pedestal makes me cringe....! I feel ashamed. Damn, but, these guys are Ugandans!!!!!]

Here is what a guy who signs himself Maazi has written. No, he is not one of my less privileged countrymen. He studied, far. Went to Britain, and has trooped over to the US. For that matter, he considers himself sufficiently grounded in matters worldly.
that is why a new law is in the works to sharpen the penal code that deals with your behaviour which is totally unacceptable to most Ugandans of all ethnic groups, religions, gender and socio-economic class. It also explains why there is already a pre-emptive strike on the issue of “same-sex marriage” through the 2005 constitutional ban. What is missing is legal restriction on gay propaganda in schools and gay advocacy within the public sphere. You know as well as I do that it is only a matter of time before the anti-gay penal code is properly consolidated.
Elegant, aint it?

Notice the language of education... sharpen the penal code, pre-emptive strike, etc, etc....

The hate bubbles up, spills over, coalesces into form. Bet you he is literally forming at the mouth as he contemplates me, a Ugandan who just happens to be gay...

Gosh, such love, such embrace of hate!

Remember Buturo? Minister of Ethics and Integrity the born again Pentecostal Nsaba Buturo. Homosexuals should forget about human rights.
Yeah, barely human. Why should the bill of rights protect us?????!!! Not against this kind of righteous anger.

Anyway, that is enough crowing.

They hate me. But, hate is something that I have grown up with, and known. The pitiful 'rolling stone' guys who justify their publication like this
The paper's managing editor, Giles Muhame, said the article was "in the public interest."

"We felt there was need for society to know that such characters exist amongst them. Some of them recruit young children into homosexuality, which is bad and need to be exposed," he said. "They take advantage of poverty to recruit Ugandans. In brief we did so because homosexuality is illegal, unacceptable and insults our traditional lifestyle.'

So, anger, anger, anger....

No. Just have to channel it into better material. Make sure that the Rolling stone people fail to do what they want to do. Because, bottom line, I am a Ugandan.

Yes, my name did appear in the stupid rug. And, that was more provocation.... Someone told me that they wanted to 'capitalise' on our celebrity status. Got a huge laugh from me.

'Course they did.

'Course they did. And, they will try to do it again. Shall we take it lying down?



Matt said...

I have to wonder if there is any foreign media in Uganda. The vast majority of the world has acknowledged the inalienable human rights that ALL people deserve - including gay people. Granted, gay people are still second class citizens and there are people who suggest we are some kind of cult...but we are permitted to exist without legal action taken against us.

Anonymous said...

The "Hang Them" story finally made it to CNN International:

Gug, you are the one who first broke the story, on this very blog.

Leonard said...

Yes, Gug, it was you and then I posted it too...got lots of ¨hits¨ and then silence...makes me wonder why Integrity was so slow to pick up the ball (maybe it was because a U.S. Integrity leader was visiting Uganda at the time?)...God only knows what Orombi would have done with that bit of info.

¨A Note From Kampala¨

David said...

I share your confusion. Do you laugh at the stupidy of this or cry from fear. May you and others one day look back on this as a time of short lived madness.

Thank you for your bravery. honesty and integrity.One day those qualities will win through.

Babs said...

Got to this blog from your article on The Guardian article. I echo David's sentiments above. The best of luck to you, your partner and the LGBT community of Uganda and Africa..

Anonymous said...

Just read the Guardian article (linking to this blog) - greatly admire your courage, stay strong and all the very best!, un abrazo

Jeff said...

My heart breaks in continuing to read and listen to the horrible stories of how gay men and women are treated in Uganda. Today, I listened to a very hate-filled interview on BBC with the editor of the Rolling Stone. It is such a tragedy to hear how humans are treated because of how they were born and with whom they find love.

My thoughts and prayers are with each and every gay man and woman in Uganda as well as the people who are working to support them. I live in the U.S. in Washington D.C..I wish the gay men and woman of Uganda could find a happier and safer life in places like Washington and the US. While not perfect, we as homosexuals are so much more welcomed as valuable members of society. I hope that for your people. I wish I could help in any way possible. If there is anything that I can offer as help from the US and Washington, D.C., I would be honored to help the gay men and women in Uganda.

With my prayers and support for fellow homosexuals....

Grub said...

Just don't stop wrighting! This blog is a complete inspiration and a beacon in the darkness of ignorance. You rock, never forget that!

Matt - I think you place too much hope on the advanced moral 'freedom' of the West. Have you been following America's banning, unbanning and banning again of out gays in the army? Some example that sets.


gayuganda said...

Thanks everyone. Thanks a lot.

MA said...

(Sorry If I posted this twice)

According to his Facebook and contacts, Mr. Muhame is planning another virulent issue for this week.

Obviously this man is looking more for celebrity than sharing his opinions.

Anonymous said...

I am a married heterosexual woman...and am still offended by this ignorance.

Alan Matthews said...

My heart goes out to those oppressed by this ignorance of the value of humankind.

Anonymous said...

We are all with you gug.

Anonymous said...

I find it shocking that a newspaper can publish such vitriol and hate filled rubbish! And now they try and slur David Kato's name just a day after he is brutally murdered. Shameful.

The only positive to come out of this is that this ignorance is now in the public arena and therefore the Ugandan government may come under scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

gug--support to you. thank you for your work. keep it up. uganda needs people like you. the world needs people like you.

Anonymous said...

Am sorry if this offends you guys, but i think you should keep this rubbish to yourself. Your leaving in denial kicking ass. When i read your shit, i fill like....ghrrrrr. On a serious note, you all need help. Its sickening that you guys call this ignorance yet its you plight that is question here. Of course i don't defend people going around killing others. Ok! but am only saying what your doing is STUPID. If animals can differentiate between sexes, who the f**k are you to think otherwise. Style up. Stop confusing your insanity with rights. IDIOTS

gayuganda said...

Thanks Anon,

indeed, you are very, very expressive.

tom said...

Married, very much in love heterosexual male here, I just wanted to say this makes me angry and it deeply offends me how some people can treat others, just because of their sexuality, who ever heard of anything so stupid.
I have never bought or read Rolling stone, one thing is for sure, I will never buy or read that magazine now.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to believe such ignorance exists in the world. How exactly do you "recruit (someone) into homosexuality"? They make it sound like a cult or an extreme political group. The problem is that when a country is controlled by its media (which is controlled by those in power) any untruth ccan be spread.
Thank heaven for the internet and for couragous posters on this blog. I believe public access to true information will ultimately defeat these hate mongers.
yours in solidarity and respect

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