Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bahati's Trip to the US.

Frankly, I do not care where Bahati goes....

Why should I care? He is a rich man. One of our MPs who give themselves multi-million shilling salaries while the common worker in Uganda earns peanuts. It is like trying to worry about what Bill Gates does....! Hey, I mean, I am putting it in context!

Anyway, Bahati is in the US. There are people, gay people like me, who are incensed that he was given a visa to visit. That he was allowed in. Well, it is their country. And, they have a right to determine who gets in and out of it. And, if they want to keep out a guy who wants me dead just because I am like they are... I whole heartedly support them. Oh, yes, I do. If only to have Bahati embarrassed! Call me small minded...

But, it concerns me in another way.

Bahati was most likely sure that he was not going to be allowed to attend the conference. Even I who was peripherally interested in his going realised that there was little chance of him being allowed into the conference venue. [shrug]

But, he did go. At a busy time when he should be politicking for his re-election to parliament.

So, why did he go?

Logical that he must have other eggs to fry. Is it about the anti-Homosexuality bill? I am uncomfortable that that is his issue. Maybe connecting to the people that he consistently said had supported him. However covertly.

Yes, I have picked that from 'LezGetReal', but it maybe uncomfortably very near the truth.

He certainly didnt do this to go and be a guest on the Rachel Maddow Show, which he apparently is going to be. He is not a very good debater.

Unless, it is something else. He is taking the battle into the enemy camp. Wants to give a 'human face' to the bill.... and deny that it is about what it is about? Yeah, I mean, the guy has been very consistent. He believes that god is on his side, and will not countenance god batting for the other team. No, sorry. He wants to deny that he wants to kill gay people. He wants to affirm that we are 'recruiting'. He wants to affirm that we are 'destroying' the African family. He wants to affirm that he is for Family values, which are being undermined by the rich and cruel gay agenda. Sorry. The Homosexual Agenda.

Or, he wants to generate sympathy here at home, for his cruel treatment in America.

Is it that? Should I pray for Rachel Maddow to be, err, gentle on the man?

No... I would like him exposed for the buffoon he is.... Sorry for my language, ladies, gentlemen.

Of course, America is a rich country. He may be hated and reviled for his anti-Homo agenda, but, there are those few who will lionise him. And give him the rare and heavy dollar.

Gosh, why didn't I think about it? The guy is going for money. Pure, and simple. He is going fund-raising for his campaign. He needs the money of course, and, it doesn't matter that most people will think him a demented man. There are those few who will embrace him, who will watch the Rachel Maddow show of him and send him money.

Uh. Problem solved. Yes, I am now fairly comfortable in my analysis. He is a good Ugandan. His reasons for what he does what he does are fairly easy, fairly simple. Yes, I know he calls himself a Christian. Sure, he is. That is what Christians are in Uganda. Ssempa, Bahati, Solomon Male, Buturo... Similarly stripped Christians. I am not disabusing him of that notion.

But, he is also a Ugandan, in need of money for the campaigns back home.

Fund-raising trip to the US.

Oh well.

Wish him no luck, but I am sure he will be lucky.



spiralx said...

The Rachel Maddow interview is on YouTube. he didn't exactly make himself look good. (But then, how could he?).

And they banned him from the finance conference, and told him why. Naturally, he think they're discriminating, unfairly. (Well, at least he knows now what it feels like!).

(Homework: find the Ugandan Daily Monitor article, and post a suitable comment.. Extra marks for keeping it clean but succinct!).

spiralx said...

2nd part of that interview is here:

Anonymous said...

spiralx said...

The whole five-part interview, with comments, is here:

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