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Pastor Wars... Another Round in Extra-ordinary Uganda

Frankly, I do not know what to make of the weather in Kampala this morning.

Yesterday it rained. In the morning. Afternoon it was hot. A sultry heat.

But now, it is cold. A cold, dull front has moved in, the sky is a dirty, dull, grey and there is smog. Too many cars, the whole day, and too little wind in the night. Yes. It is smog.

No. I don't know what to make of the weather today.

And, it is no reflection on my mood. Because, I do know what to make of the stories of the pastor wars....

I saw a snippet of the news on the television last night. But, you know, gay stories are so old news in Uganda. And, I was frankly too busy doing too many other things. But, today, waking up, someone had posted it somewhere I couldnt fail to notice.

I love the New Vision article headline.

Sodomy case: Pastor Male arrested, Sempa flees.

The article is juicy. Here.

PASTOR Solomon Male of Arise for Christ Ministry was arrested yesterday over reports that Pastor Robert Kayanja sodomised young boys.

Plain clothes detectives stormed Male's office on the second floor of Span House in Kampala at around 1:30pm and asked him to go with them to Central Police Station (CPS).

Male's pleas that he was busy attending to his clients, who needed counselling services, fell on deaf ears.

He was later driven to CPS in a Saloon car with private registration numbers.

At CPS, the detectives informed Male that he was heading to Buganda Road Court to be charged. That is when he demanded to notify his lawyers.

His arrest followed advice from the Directorate of Public Prosecution that Male, together with seven others, be charged for reportedly making false allegations against Pastor Robert Kayanja.

In a letter to the director of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), principal state attorney Margaret Nakigudde said pastors Male, Martin Ssempa, Bob Kayira, Michael Kyazze, their lawyers, Henry Ddungu and David Kaggwa, together with David Mukalazi and Deborah Kyomuhendo face charges of conspiring to injure Pastor Kayanja's reputation.

The two lawyers were included for allegedly commissioning false affidavits.

Nakigudde said four sodomy files opened against Kayanja at CPS were closed for lack of evidence to warrant prosecution, and that Robson Matovu, together with all the alleged sodomy victims were medically examined but no evidence of anal penetration was found.

Now, now, now...

I have no proof either way. I don't know whether Robert Kayanja is gay. People ask, like I should know, because I am gay. How would I know?

He says he isnt. And, I have no reason to doubt him.

What I do know is that Solomon Male has been accusing him of being gay since I don't know when. Now, in Uganda, when Male is joined by Ssempa, then that is the only proof that is necessary. They are the authorities on gay things. The gospel according to Ugandans. Except that Robert Kayanja is also a big fish in the pond. And, he might have gotten tired of the constant sniping.

Yes, I do hope it is not an Oscar Wilde situation.

But, he has turned the tables on them very nicely. And, I hope he keeps up the pressure.. though it is the stigmatizing type for me.. You see, he is contending that they are maligning him that he is gay. I don't think it is malice... because I am gay. But, you know.....! The enemy of my enemy...!

The story from the Monitor, which, yes, tends to be more accurate! Fact. New Vision is nothing more that a parrot for the government... which again must mean that someone is seriously falling out of synch with his political connections. I mean Ssempa.

City advocate Henry Ddungu and pastor Moses Solomon Male were yesterday detained over alleged conspiracy to injure the reputation of Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral, Kampala.

Six others were also charged. They are pastors Bob Robert Kayiira, Michael Kyazze and Martin Sempa, advocate David Kaggwa, Ms Deborah Kyomuhendo and Mr David Mukalazi.

Pastor Male and Mr Ddungu, who were slated to appear before Buganda Road Magistrate Court for plea, were taken back to police custody but were later released on police bond.

"We have been released but asked to go back to the Special Investigations unit (today)," said Pator Male. Pastors Kayiira and Kyazze of Omega Healing Ministries are facing charges of alleged criminal trespass and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanour before Mwanga II Magistrates Court.

Meanwhile, Pastor Sempa is accused of hiring Robson Matovu to blackmail Pastor Kayanja. Court heard that Pastor Male reportedly gave Mr Matovu a signed and stamped affidavit implicating Pastor Kayanja while Samson Mukisa was reportedly promised necessities on condition that he would speak publicly on how Pastor Kayanja had sodomised him.

A police report indicates that complaints of sodomy against Pastor Kayanja did not reveal any evidence the offences. "In retracting their statements, the complainants said they had been mobilised to make false accusations against Pastor Kayanja in order to tarnish his name," reads a report


Of those things, I do have no problem with what I feel.

There is one other thing. The so-called gay agenda. In Uganda, we are accused of 'recruiting' children, wanting to make the whole world homosexual. The likes of Buturo etc believe in these things without a doubt, with the fervour of a religion. Is there a gay agenda?

Well, I have never known one... though I am also accused of recruiting. On this blog, of course.

But, Barney Frank, who was wiping away tears, of emotion I believe, as Obama signed the repeal of DADT yesterday, articulated it in words that I find heart warming.

Hear, all of you. This is the real Gay Agenda.

Barney Frank reflected on fears that the so-called radical homosexual agenda would be enacted if Rep. Nancy Pelosi became House speaker.

The gay agenda, Frank said in a press conference Wednesday, is "to be protected against violent crimes driven by bigotry, it's to be able to get married, it's to be able to get a job, and it's to be able to fight for our country. For those who are worried about the radical homosexual agenda, let me put them on notice. Two down, two to go."

Now, if I was Buturo, I would be shaking in my shoes.... Shaking, shaking, here come the homosexual agenda, to takeover Uganda!

Have a lovely Christmas!


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Anonymous said...

Very intersting developments indeed. I think you can take a look at this too.

Police fail to interrogate pastors over sodomy

By Henry Mukasa

PASTORS Solomon Male and Martin Sempa, accused of conspiracy to injure the name of their colleague, Robert Kayanja, yesterday reported to the Police for interrogation, but were turned away.

The pastors, who arrived at the Police Special Investigations Unit in Naguru, a Kampala suburb, with their lawyers, were told to return only when summoned.

By yesterday afternoon, Buganda Road Court resident state attorney Baxter Bakibinga said he had not yet sanctioned the pastors’ files for prosecution.

Bakibinga said he had sent Male’s file back to the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) for amendment of the charge sheet before he can sanction it.

But he did not elaborate whether the amendment involved adding more charges or dropping some.

“After the DPP has amended the charge sheet, Male will be charged. If he does not appear on today, it will then be tomorrow,” Bakibinga told New Vision yesterday.

The pastors told journalists in separate interviews that their arrest close to Christmas was suspect.
Sempa said when he arrived at the investigations unit, the officers took his finger prints without explaining why.

“The head of the unit, Grace Akullo, told my lawyers that they would notify them when I am needed. I am not on the run. I am sure we shall get justice if the due process of the law is followed,” Sempa said.

According to a recent letter from the principal state attorney, Margaret Nakigudde, Male, Sempa, Bob Kayira, Michael Kyazze, their lawyers; Henry Ddungu and David Kaggwa, together with David Mukalazi and Deborah Kyomuhendo face charges of conspiring to injure Kayanja’s reputation.

The two lawyers were included for allegedly commissioning false affidavits

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