Friday, December 17, 2010

Demented Buturo

That demented politician has a problem in his brains.

Surely! A person who believes that women who wear miniskirts cause accidents because male drivers are distracted has a serious defect in his sex life. Presumably, he was speaking from experience. I mean, he must have been distracted by the flesh on show, and that was the reason he called a press conference to utter such an absurdity.

But, now there is this saga. You do remember that the Honourable Dr. Nsaba-Buturo was once quoted saying 'Homosexuals should forget about Human Rights'? Yes?

Ok. Now, in Uganda we have the Uganda Human Rights Commission. Yes, a very toothless organ.... in many ways. But, why blame a baby for not having teeth? A baby does grow up. Anyway, the UHRC was scheduled to screen a film at the National Theatre....

You know the National Theatre. It is right downtown in Kampala, next to the Parliament buildings. This is where Ssempa's antics of showing porn were first recognised. I remember, some American students were so disturbed that some vomited... Yes, literally threw up!

Now, the Uganda Human Rights Commission was scheduled to show a film about Human Rights Defenders at the same venue. And, they found themselves blocked. By none other than the Honourable Minister of Miniskirts. Sorry, Ethics and Integrity.

But the minister accused the UHRC of trying to promote homosexuality and immorality. "The commission is now the spokesman of the people breaking the law, we did not appoint them to promote illegalities," Dr Buturo said while addressing journalists in Kampala yesterday. "Some people are determined to change the morals of our country and are using all tactics. We shall put up resistance because Uganda doesn't believe in homosexuality.".
Mr Kaggwa had earlier quoted Article 54 of the Constitution, saying the commission is independent and shall not, in performance of its duties, be subject to the direction of any authority.
But Mr Buturo said: "The rights body should support what government stands for. If UHRC ignores Uganda's interests and promotes illegal things, we shall respond appropriately."
Despite the ban on Monday, the video was shown to journalists and students on Wednesday at UHRC headquarters.
"The documentary highlights the work of human rights defenders and the challenges they face," Mr Kaggwa said.
In the film, Mr Kikonyogo Kivumbi, who is identified as the defender of minorities, disparages the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as an object to deny the rights of the minorities and allows medical practitioners to report gay patients to police.
"We are giving a very strong voice to Parliament not to pass the Bill. Uganda is committed to fighting HIV/Aids and when the minorities are threatened with arrests, they will fear to go for medication and yet it is their right," Mr Kivumbi says.
This segment seemed to have angered Dr Buturo who asked that the film be edited before it can be screened to the public.

I did say that a baby can grow teeth, with time, didnt I?

The Uganda Human Rights Commission is seriously unhappy. They are supposedly an independent body. They are supposedly charged with overseeing certain things. And, though years ago they would not touch gay Ugandans with a very long stick, they seem to have changed their minds.

And, the Minister of Miniskirts is standing in their way. They are not amused. And, they are turning up the pressure.

It will is ironic that the UHRC finds itself with teeth to really tackle human rights abuses in the country. Ironic, because it is suddenly speaking out, And for homosexual Ugandans.

Maybe it is fitting. It is.

But, I am amused, happy, interested, and continuing to watch this saga. Why? Because, it does feel good to know that I am a human being, in the eyes of people, my significant others. It is a good feeling. Oh, let me revel in it. It might not last that long....!


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Hélder António said...

Hello, gug.

The french channel PINK TV presents tonight the documentary OUGANDA, AU NOM DE DIEU [UGANDA, IN THE NAME OF GOD]:

Here is the trailer:

Here is an interview with Auf, a Ugandan gay refugee:

Have a good weekend, gug.

Greetings from Portugal.

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