Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Waves, and Making them sing

I am at ….


Shit. Yes, that is an expletive. Nearly did write where I am…. and, that is just not allowed. Hey, I am still who I am. Lovely, anonymous gug. Who can I be, and who can be what I cannot be?


Rhetorical questions. Was going through the mail, and various other bits and pieces of news. Saw the Gay Ugandan Teen vigorously defending his credentials.  Yeah man, you have to say who you are, and what you are. Somewhere on this blog, I was told I could not be Ugandan. Gay, yes, Ugandan, no…. because, [well, this is tongue in cheek], there are no gay Ugandans. After a long time making my voice heard here, not even Buturo would countenance that I do not exist. He would dearly love to shut me down… or throw me out of the country. But, I do exist.


Brings me a thought… on the Throckmorton blog, there is this guy called Maazi, who goes on and on…. The guy is the very epitome of what I believe dear Honourable Dr. Nsaba-Buturo would be. I have no evidence…. hey, I don't know the guy. Just that, if the blogosphere had an incarnation of the Spirit of James Nsaba Buturo, it would be Maazi on the Throckmorton blog. I am not kidding you!


Buturo… I have been laughing my head off. He is deciding to fight the Uganda Human Rights Commission. It is worth a laugh. The guy is a fool…. In my own demented mind of course. He is a fool. Because, me being me, I would not fight these wars that he keeps picking up.


Why does he do them?


I am not sure. He hates homosexuals with a passion. Yes, he does. And, anything that mentions homosexuality in a colour other than the darkest black is suspect. The documentary which Buturo banned was tending to white. And, that was unacceptable.


So, he jumps in, with his two feet. And, the commission is really riled. Yes, let them be. Because, they deserve to be reminded that, gay Ugandans are actually Ugandans. And, in the rush to step on our freedoms as human beings, the likes of Buturo and Ssempa are actually trampling on all the other freedoms of Ugandans. WE gays are a very tempting target for any bigot. And, they lash out at us. But, do remember, they lash out and trample on my human rights, they also trample on yours.


Welcome, dear Human Rights Defenders of Uganda. You are welcome, and we hope, with you as allies, reluctant or not, we shall fight on, and win this war. It is damned cold when we fight alone!


A few things to mention here. Would Jesus Discriminate?


In a way, standing on my own very personal side of the battle, I fail to see the bigger part of the picture. I was interested, when the Anti-Homosexuality bill came out, and suddenly, Christians were up in arms against it. That indeed caused the Churches in Uganda to step back and pause. They were in full cry, and that was a terrible thing to see. Reminded me of what it must have been like, in the years of the Spanish Inquisition. When the Church was burning people, all in the name of Christ. Anyway, they did step back. The Anglican Church, the Catholic Church in Uganda, the Seventh Day Adventists, the Ugandan Orthodox church.


But, not so most of the Pentecostals. Who continue to persecute us in Uganda. I know, even the others continue to persecute us. They are not as vocal as they were. Which is slightly better.


But, when Bahati goes to the US and lays down the word of God as he sees it, I am seeing other Christians, this time in the US, galvanized, and saying… NO. You do not represent us. And, you are the very anti-thesis of what Christ is, what Christ taught. That does warm my frozen heart. A little, shall we say?


Here is the article, 'Would Jesus Discriminate?'.  Someone takes on the horror of what Bahati, Buturo, Ssempa and Co mean for real Christianity. And, it is not a pretty picture.


Professor Matua is far more blunt. He came to Uganda. Remember the Baraza, when one MP said he would be the hangman for his son if the son was gay? Well, Matua saw the face of real hate then. And, he deals with it in Kenya. This article is very much worth reading. It is a classic of legal thought.


And, I am not a lawyer, nor am I Kenyan.


But, I dare to say, I am a Human Being. And, I laud that roar into the jungle.


Have a very good weekend.


Mine is shaping up to very good.





Leonard said...

Good Morning Uganda! Hope your evening was fantastico--the U.S.A. Congress passed ¨Don´t Ask, Don´t Tell¨ REPEAL! It´s good news that will be heard everwhere!

Have a great Sunday!

Sidney said...

I'm guessing its day or early afternoon time in Uganda now. Hiyas! Im Sidney from America, New Jersey is my lovely East Coast State. We are still fighting for Same Sex Marriage Rights here but we do have legal Civil Unions already. The world is changing one country at a time and the voice of reason will eventually be heard. Even in Uganda. It took my entire lifetime of fighting for our rights and many like me. Trust me it will happen in time.

I want to post this Christian site here though. I would love if you would check us out. The Gay Christian Network. We are 16,000 gay people from all over the world who have exposed the lies the religious conservative right have been spouting. God does not hate homosexuals! Please check out I hope you find peace and the safety of God's hand in your fight for freedom and equality. We stand beside you 100%. I feel blessed to live in a Country, though its been hard fought, that I can say my name and where I live without fear of reprisal. I pray someday this evil regime now in power in Uganda is destroyed and you someday can feel free to say who you are and where you live without fear too.

Much Love and God bless.

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