Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bahati's US trip....

It was interesting. I have wondered why he went. Its a busy time for him. He is campaigning for re-election. And here he was going off to the US for a conference that he was not going to attend, which he knew that he was not going to attend.

So, why did he go?

Well, I can speculate. But, I do not really know....

Then comes the issue of how he left the country. No. Apparently he was not booted out. Like he was told you are persona non grata. But, apparently, he was told in diplomatees that his hosts were unconfortable with his continued presence....

Oh yes... Makes me laugh. Here is the LezGetReal analysis. It was a PR trip. And, he did flunk... in my views, not in his anyway.

But, he is a politician. There is an art to denying the obvious. You know, 'I was misquoted'... 'I was mis read', 'I was mis-interpreted'. Raila Odinga, Prime Minister of Kenya is a very wonderful, recent example.

I don't think Bahati's dive into the trenches did him a service. He is too out there radical and believing in me being evil for him to be credited by his supporters publicly. Oh, they will do it behind closed doors. But, they fear to talk, and leave him to founder and speak for the Christianity that he believes in.... Uh! It is a horrible farce. A very horrible farce. And, some of our allies are taking the war straight to his sponsors, calling them out for what they are. Sponsors of genocide.

Oh yes, I do believe that my death, even when legislated by Bahati and my country, Uganda, would still be the death of a human being. I am a Ugandan, and I believe that I do have the same right to life as does Honourable Bahati. His right does not pass mine.

I am supremely aware that he said that, because I am a sinner, and the wages of sin is death, then, legislated death is okay for me. [Shhhhhh. I had forgotten. I am NOT a Christian. Shhhh, shhhh.]. And, that, even though I am a Ugandan, in Uganda, homosexuals have no human rights.... in Honourable Bahati, and Honourable Nsaba-Buturo's views.


It is exhilarating. Fighting, winning. Even when the wins are few and far between. It is exhilarating. I bet you, Bahati, Buturo, they will never be blessed with my appreciation of the beauty and wonderfulness of life, living and being alive in my country, in Uganda. It is a visceral sensation, abiding, strong, invigorating. Energising.

It is my blessing, as a gay Ugandan, a gay African.

I will look on as others take the battle to my enemies across the waters. Because, they are my enemies. And, I will cheer them on. When they speak, when they hit out at those who fund and host the likes of Bahati and Buturo and Ssempa . Others are fighting against the same kind of radicalization which the world finds in Osama bin Laddens view of Islam. And, they are right to be worried. Because, if they do not take in hand people like Ssempa, Bahati, Buturo..., and, Solomon Male, their own take of the brand of Christianity is going to go to hell. Literally. Here are some quotes from Bahati's interview with Rachel Maddow.

Bahati explained that homosexuality is not a human right in Uganda, and claimed that his bill will defend the children and the families of Uganda. When Maddow questioned him about how the bill would defend children and the family, he said that foreigners are recruiting Ugandan children into homosexuality. He said that God created man and woman for marriage and procreation and that homosexuals defile children.
Lies About Gays and Punishment For Their Existence = Love.
He also claimed that he "loves" gay people but must protect children who are "recruited" by homosexuals. He could give Maddow no credible evidence of this, but insisted that it is a fact studied by Ugandans. Bahati claimed that $15 million was spent in the last 7 months in Uganda schools to pay children to become gay.
Maddow told Bahati that the notion that "gay people are recruiting kids" is a myth that is not supported by any kind of facts. She told Bahati that if videos and evidence exists, then he should release the evidence. By the second day of the interview, no evidence was provided.

Uh, take the Blatter faux pas. On the face of it, nothing. But, I am glad he said it. Because, it gives me, and allies, the chance to make sure that, for the 24 hours that follow, the world is aware that in Qatar, we are to be re-closeted, for the duration of the world cup.

Yes, we are soldiers. And, we cannot but take any and all advantages as they are offered. It will, hopefully, remind the world that, in much of the Arab world, people like me are killed for being what we are. Very similar to Bahati's ideal world, of course. That is what we are fighting to prevent. Doesnt stop us from dealing with it!

Greetings to all and sundry.

Yes, the struggle continues. Yes, we can.


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