Friday, December 3, 2010

Why do they Hate?

Why do they hate us so?

Sometimes, when I am really down and depressed, I start asking myself why people hate us.

Us. Generic, us gays. Why are there all the different kinds of hate? Why?

Uh, I know. Xenophobia. Tribal prejudices are very common in Uganda, and most of our African countries.

Many of the haters swear that they don't hate. Pastors Male and Ssempa say they love homosexuals. Yes, I would do without their overwhelming love, hate.
Ssempa these days doesnt want to talk to the media. But, he speaks through surrogates (how he must hate that!). Male, well, that elderly gentleman is not as charismatic as Ssempa is, but, he also shouts and rants as much as any other. Remember, in the Pastor Wars in Uganda, he was hand and glove with Ssempa in the allegations about Pastor Kayanja.

Poor guys. Recently, I passed by Miracle Center Cathedral. Kayanja is planning a huge city wide crusade. And, he has a huge bill board, rivalling those of politicians campaigning for the presidency.

Kayanja literally crushed his rivals, those who wanted to tarnish his name that he is a homosexual. I don't know whether he is.... damn, I have no wish one way or the other. Father Musaala's career was destroyed by the allegations, far as I see. Kayanja faced them, dragged them to court. And, Ssempa and Male ended with mud on their mugs. The power of money!

And, Pastor Kayanja is going as strong as ever.

Maybe the lesson there is that hate and jealousy, especially like that of Male and Ssempa does not pay. Or, they are stupid?

Why do they hate us so?

Male put his signature to this epistle. A long letter, convoluted. We are evil. Because we are homosexuals. Somehow, somewhere in that is well hidden the love. Ssempa has apparently learnt the lesson not to put his signature to epistles like that these days. But, guess who is behind it all...!

Here, Male explains everything further.

The language of love, hate- unrestrained. Foreign media 'promoting homosexuality' in Uganda.
And now foreign media and homosexuals are here to advance their cause, blackmailing our government, misinforming the world about the situation on the ground."
According to him "Pr Martin Ssempa and others in our team have on many occasions debated with homosexuals at public forums, even before the media and in the presence of the Police, intelligence and other agencies. None of the homos (homosexuals, ed) has ever been harassed. Where on earth do they get such brutalization? I need to assure the world as follows:
"No homosexual has been persecuted. Our campaign focuses on criminals who target little children below the 18 year age of consent, especially children in schools. For those who have chosen to take that sexual route, we call upon to quit.
"No homosexual has been raped, abused or killed by mobs because of hatred. In fact, many relatives of homosexuals have bleeding hearts that their loved ones are indulging. We have parents of homosexuals who have been mistreated by homosexuals.
"On the contrary, we have homosexuals using state machinery to harass their victims and the good Samaritans. This has happened in the Pr Kitaka, Pr Kiwewesi, Pr Kayanja and other homo cases." Male continues his argument saying that where victims have come up to report, they have been persecuted, framed and arrested, or their offenders have been alerted to take pre-emptive action, or even to flee
You see? We are liars and hypocrites. They are the saints that speak their hearts out.

Now, I dearly love this contrasting comment from Giles Muhame of the Rolling pebble. This is what he says. 
"I hope basic justice will be done," he told Reuters. "Some people are even calling for public hanging and some others even want to see homosexuals buried alive."

Basic Justice indeed!. At least Giles Muhame is truthful.

I mean, I swear to the veracity of this.

During the debates on the Anti-Homosexuality bill, there was one which was televised. Agenda Uganda or something on NTV, one of the local stations. On the panel on one side was Pastor Solomon Male. On the other side was Val Kalende.

And, one of the guys in the audience, very categorically stated that the bill was not going far enough with hanging homosexuals. What he wanted was homosexuals like Val being dragged before a public firing squad, like used to happen in the days of Idi Amin.

I listened to that, sick at heart. Val was there. I don't know how she felt, have never asked her. I felt sick, disgusted. Because, to a Ugandan, those sick days are an ulcer that cannot be healed.

But, the guy said that. I didnt see the man of God Male stand up to contend that. What did Male say? Oh, in anger, at another segment, he actually supported the hanging.....

Why do they hate us so?

Oh well, they hate. And hating, they are satisfied.

It doesnt help me to dwell on that. They hate. Shrug. And, me telling them that they hate is not going to change them an iota. They hate because they hate. They will get the words to fill in the void of their 'love', but, they will continue to hate.

Why should I try to understand them? A knife driven into my chest will kill me, whether the motivation of the killer is powered by ignorance. It is ignorant hate.


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