Friday, December 14, 2007

Did I write the last post?

I am not very sure. I have been accused of being too far away too many times, but this morning was an embarrassment.

A beautiful day. Very nice. These days in the morning I am not very sure whether the day will stay dry, or rain. My weather sense is gone. Used to be non errant. Blame it on ‘Global Warming’! Seriously, I am reasonably sure that the weather has changed. It is wetter than usual, though the sun does not hide her skirts for longer than is necessary. Where are the blazing Decembers that I remember? Maybe the next month will be drier.

There I go again. Spacing out.

There is a political farce which has been going on in the country. A ruling party heavy weight lost his seat, because of vote rigging, it is said. (Have to be firm on that. Yes, court said that there was evidence that the vote was rigged.)

So, a by-election and that has been on. A hot one.

The constituency, apparently, was flooded by the ruling party big wigs. They went and they campaigned. Here, that means that there was intimidation, and those who acquiesced were promised sugar, and money, and salt; the gold for a peasant in Uganda. The airwaves turned blue, or should I say, yellow, according to the party colours. And just before the vote, the big gun came out. His Excellency went to campaign, for the ruling party big wig who had just had an election annulled because of vote rigging! Don’t laugh. Different set of values.

And of course, during the election, police and military presence, and the opposition party big wigs were arrested, or partially arrested. Apparently… (have to remember that my immunity is an illusion here.)

So the result is amazing. The opposition party man won.

I have been ‘spaced out’ on other things. Ebola and things like that. I had not paid any attention to what was happening. When I asked who Kantuntu was, one of my colleagues, very charitably, asked me which planet I have been on. I read the paper, and was dully impressed. Now I know some more about Kantuntu and Bugweri and Kivenjinja.

So, what does it help me?

Cynical me. Yeah, it helps, but since I have very little chance of changing the outcome, I will look on. I watch with some helplessness as the flood sweeps all before. Some things I can change. Those are the ones I try to concentrate on. Because, however hard it seems, I am a human being, and it is natural to hope.

So, did I really write the previous post?

Still wondering…



Iwaya said...

so THAT'S why the whole Katuntu win was a big deal?! Apparently you're not the only one who was in the dark! So was I.

Kitara said...

Reading your blog makes me wish I was back home for Christmas. Especially now that the weather in London is cold, windy and excrutiatingly miserable. Then of course there's Ebola in the west. I got put off coming by the epidemic. My parents stem from the west by the way. Cheers for keeping some of us updated on the goings on in gay Kampala.

gayuganda said...

hi Iwaya,

at least you've been out of the country! hope you are enjoying being home.

I sincerely dont know whether I would exchange Kampala for London. Not the cold, wind and misery certainly!

Seems we are over the top of the wave for Ebola. Controlled, at least that is what I understand. So, few new cases, and soon it will be zero. Though I think the incubation period is something from 2-20 days or something like that. So the country will be declared free 20 days after the last case!

People here are talking of going to 'villa'. Home for Christmas. What a nostalgic feel it has. Hope that does not make you more 'home sick' Kitara!


Anonymous said...

Katuntu dude, not Kantuntu.
n yes it really was a bit of a big deal dat the NRM got the yellow whupped out of them. one constituency at a time; today Bugweri, 2moro Entebbe State House.
like, what was with the previous post? r u well?

gayuganda said...


I even got the name wrong!

What was wrong with the other post? Maybe I just feel it should not be there. But it is, and, I am too proud to remove it?


Will stay, to remind me that i am a mortal man.


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