Saturday, December 22, 2007

What will I write?

That in truth the holiday season is here.

The sun rises much later. The mists of the morning longer lasting. The cold of the night a mite stronger, and the soil on the roads turned to red dust.

Christmas in the air. Once I wrote that holidays mean little to me. Indeed I remember once coming from work one Christmas morning. Very early and bright. I no longer do that. The enthusiasm is catching.

Town is flooded by people making last minute buys. And the deals are flowing. The fm stations are full of adverts, of one promotion after another. In the city streets, Nakivubo, it is virtually impossible to move through with a car, so bad is the traffic, and the people that are congested on every inch of the ground.

Goods are spilling out of the shops into the roads, jealously guarded by the shop attendants. People are buying in a roar. Christmas gifts, and clothes, and the many knick knacks that make the season Christmas. The weather has turned to December weather. Less rain, though the mists that hang around in the morning seem to promise rain. The sun is out in force, only moderated by the fog and smog of human activity. It is hot, and broiling, and dusty, and crowded, and loud. Noise all around. The streets are an open air market that extends into every nook and cranny.

Taxis and buses have hiked fairs to upcountry destinations. Twice, and they are complaining about ‘un-authorised’ passenger vehicles. Ugandans have a vibrant, acquisitive, opportunistic capitalistic spirit.

Why all this brouhaha for a single day? I used to get the logic, but these days, I ride the enthusiasm of the masses. And they are excited.

Yesterday, I did feel much better. And of course sat down on the computer to do all that I have not been doing in the last week or so. Workaholic. But I took a couple of breaks to walk around, round home. Just looking at the people, and the crowds, and the business. And the chicken and goats that are fated to be slaughtered for the day. Many people go upcountry for the season. A week or so. I have not done that in eons. My lover would rather do so.

What plans for Christmas?

Just for that day, I would like to walk through the city centre empty of people. Kampala, Nakivubo mews, with no hawkers, shops closed, pick-ups with clothes and shoes; no thieves and pickpockets to worry about.

With my hand holding my loves hand.

Just that day.


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