Friday, December 28, 2007

End of Year 2007

The year is drawing to a close.

It has been an interesting year to me. Some of the highs are reflected here. Few of the lows, of course. Its hard for me to look back just to remember. Sometimes, one just does not want to remember what has been. Just want to look forward, to plan, to reflect, to know what the new period of time will hold for me.


Leap year it is. One of those few that, by convention, have a day more than most. Just a short while ago, it seems we were celebrating the dawn of a new century. Now we are well into it. We are an interesting creature. We build our own world of reality, ideals and ideas. And some of them are so entrenched in our minds that they are reality to us.

What a year it has been. In Uganda, the three days of CHOGM seemed to signify the year in the eyes of the people. Government, and society. It was, and is gone. Just like Christmas has been.

I have discovered that I can write poetry. Funny, I knew, but not really.

The new year is a sun just under the horizon. We feel more than see its early flames, touching the dying embers of the old year.

Death’s an odd companion. Many people will not travel now, here, for fear of ending the year dead. And curse the old year in praise of the new when that comes.

Take this, my wish to you all. End the year well. Reflect on the old, have joy in the new, and may it be a pleasant dusk for you.



Afriboy said...
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Afriboy said...

Have a look at the new Orokie sketch: it will sing to your liking for "pied spring". The Sonnets.

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